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South Korea vs Japan 2012 Compete for Olympics Soccer Bronze

South Korea vs Japan 2012 Compete for Olympics Soccer Bronze

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – South Korea vs Japan 2012 will compete for the Men’s Olympics soccer bronze medal, fans just learned. South Korea vs Japan 2012 (en vivo 19:45) will feature two impressive teams who unfortunately failed to win their games today. Mexico’s vs Japan 2012 ended in 3-1 final score, while South Korea vs Brazil just concluded with a 0-3 outcome.But when South Korea vs Japan 2012 takes to the field this Friday, one team will hope to earn its first Olympic medal ever in futbol, while another hopes to earn only its second.

As news analysts reminded fans today, South Korea has never won an Olympic medal in the Men’s soccer. In fact, Friday’s game marks South Korea’s best showing ever at the Olympics. South Korea’s men have never advanced out of the quarterfinals until this year. Japan, in turn, earned a bronze medal in 1968. But in recent years, the team has struggled. This year marks only the second time in history that Japan’s men have advanced beyond the quarterfinals.

But for both teams, the key still remains shooting. South Korea has not impressed news this week, with the strikers demonstrating only lackluster shooting skills. South Korea in the quarterfinals only earned a single goal; today they failed to score; and in the group round they only delivered two goals. South Korea in five games during this tournament has only delivered a mere five goals. That won’t be enough to defeat the Japanese.

In the group round, the Japanese delivered two goals in three games. But against Egypt in the quarterfinals, Japan’s offense exploded, scoring three goals against a scoreless Egypt. Even against Mexico, Japan was able to score early today; Japan was earlier leading or tied until the sixty-five minute mark.

So will history be repeated or made? Fans will find out when South Korea vs Japan 2012 kicks off from Millennium Stadium, Cardiff this Friday August 10, 2012.


  1. Futbolfreak

    August 12, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Historically South Korea has dominated Japan in football for decades. They have like 34 wins vs 12 losses so of course Japanese trolls win come up with all kinds of excuses. No country has even come close to representing Asian soccer like South Korea, onlyAsian country to make it to semi finals in the World Cup.
    Oh by the way South Korea defeated Japan 2-0 for the bronze in the Olympics.

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