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Kate Middleton Teeth Cover Prompts The New Republic Debate

Kate Middleton Teeth Cover Prompts The New Republic Controversy

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Kate Middleton “rotten teeth” cover is prompting controversy for the New Republic Magazine. Kate Middleton’s teeth appear yellow and rotten on the front of the magazine hitting newsstands this week. The teeth were photoshopped by the publication to support an article entitled “Something’s Rotten: The Last Days of Britain”. Some are calling the cover bad taste while others are defending it as satire.

Kate Middleton is not expected to comment to news about the cover controversy. But her fans are voicing their displeasure this week. Orthodontist Dr. Didier Fillion reportedly straightened and whitened Middleton’s teeth prior to her wedding to Prince William last year, British news has reported. She allegedly had worn braces and corrected a gap in her two front teeth, prompting British news analysts to claim the procedure may have cost her roughly fifteen thousand dollars.

But now the 30 year old is given altered teeth by a photo editor of The New Republic. The article asserts that England has declined even in advance of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Viewers of the Daily Mail were mixed upon the article. Some felt that the article is fair satire while others are calling it disrespectful. Some felt that it just advanced a stereotype.

One reader wrote “Typical misguided stereotype that Americans hold of us in Britain. In the first week that I visited the USA, I was genuinely asked, ‘Do all you Brits have crooked teeth?’ Mine aren’t and none of my friends have crooked teeth. Silly stereotype.”

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