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Joe Giudice Jail Deal Prompts Joe Gorga Silence

Joe Giudice Jail Deal Prompts Joe Gorga Silence

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Joe Giudice jail plea deal is prompting silence for Joe and Melissa Gorga. Joe Giudice could be heading to jail this year. And while Teresa Giudice tells news that she can’t speak about the legal trouble, Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga isn’t commenting about the matter either.

But, in a recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice both discussed each other’s purported legal troubles. At the time of taping, Joe Giudice was facing a criminal trial and Giudice was purportedly facing a civil trial, on separate unrelated matters.

But days ago, the prosecutor on the Joe Giudice case told news that any plea deal offer would involve Giudice serving time in jail.

On May 29, Joe’s lawyer told the trial judge that he and Passaic County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay McCann had yet to reach a deal. But Joe’s lawyer did ask the court for more time to consider the pending plea deal. The Court ruled on May 29 that Joe has until a June 27 deadline to report to the Court a deal, or the matter will proceed on calendar to trial.

Jay McCann has been clear to news that any deal would involve jail time for Giudice. McCann told news in May that, despite whatever arguments Joe’s lawyer is making, the Prosecutor will be requiring jail time, adding that a probation only sentence would not be agreeable for this case.

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If Joe goes to trial and is convicted, he faces five years in state prison. It remains unclear the duration of jail time being offered in the plea deal.

And while Joe Gorga did talk about the case on RHONJ, he’s not taking about the pending plea deal for Giudice this month. Meantime, him and Melissa have been making changes in their own lives. The couple is selling two of their homes.

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First the Gorgas are selling their Jersey Shore house recently features on RHONJ. The three-bedroom, two-bath waterfront home at 11 Mermaid Road in Toms River is on the market for $520,000. It reportedly went on the market in February 17, but after it didn’t sell, the Gorgas dropped the price by fifteen thousand dollars.

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The couple is still trying to sell their $3.8 million, six bedroom, 7 ½ bathroom home on 2.24 acres in Montville. Despite erroneous recent reports, the home has not sold. The house has been on the market since 2010. After it didn’t sell at $4.1 million, the house went off the market, then was relisted again for a lower price. The house reportedly costs the Gorgas $52,507 a year in property taxes, alone. The couple is reportedly set to move to Franklin Lakes.


  1. Meg

    June 18, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Joe gudice is probably an a with a limited vocabulary and cave man likeness Teresa is no better She is living in her own world not hearing or caring to hear from anyone else She is only fooling herself and those with little intelligence. Her poor children. I find it difficult to watch the show anymore. The Manzo family and Jacqulines family are the only sane ones. The gigas and gudice Need an education and heavy duty therapy as well as common sense. All of their x talk is so transparent that is all they know and talk about A very limited IQ

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