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Man Eating Face in Miami Case Discovers Second Cannibal Threatening Attack

Posted: June 6th, 2012 in Miami by LALATE

Man Eating Face in Miami Case eats Discovers Second Cannibal Threatening Attack

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – The Miami man eating face case has uncovered a second cannibal threatening attack. While the man eating face investigation awaits toxicology results, police confirm to news a second case this week in which an attacker threatened to eat officers. The similarities with the Rudy Eugene case are shocking.

When the man eating face case erupted in Miami over Memorial Weekend 2012, police were quick to tell news that Rudy Eugene’s case was not completely unique. Police reported to news that they have seen in recent months other males, who allegedly consumed narcotics, growl at police, use their mouths as weapons,  hallucinate like zombies, and threaten to eat police. But now, another such case has been revealed to news, again out of Miami.

While the Rudy Eugene story has dominated news since Memorial Weekend, now a second male’s arrest story is surfacing in local news. Brandon De Leon, a 21 year old homeless man, is accused by investigators of threatening to eat police after his arrest, barking, growling, and acting like a savage animal.

Last Sunday, De Leon broke into a fight with another man at a Boston market in the area. During the encounter, police were called to the scene. After cops put De Leon in the back of their squad car, De Leon allegedly began to exhibit traits similar to Eugene prior to his cannibal attack.

Miami Rudy Eugene Case Pictures
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Miami Eugene Case Photo 4

Once in the squad car, De Leon is accused by cops of trying to smash the interior Plexiglas security divide. He also allegedly shouted at officers “I’m going to eat you.”

De Leon’s behavior heightened once he was brought to the local precinct. During processing, De Leon allegedly began more enraged. When an officer tried to strap De Leon for a blood pressure test, De Leon allegedly tried to break free.

De Leon then allegedly “growled” at the officer. De Leon then allegedly began to threaten to use his teeth as a weapon against cops. He allegedly “opened and closed his jaw slamming his teeth like an animal would”. After De Leon was put in his cell, he allegedly continued his animal like rampage. He allegedly began to bark, growl and smash his body against hte cell’s walls.

Two days later, De Leon was brought before a local judge. When asked about his conduct just 48 hours earlier, De Leon said “I have no recollection of anything that happened that night.”

Investigators claim that De Leon had allegedly consumed “Cloud 9” before his rampage. Thomas A. Carney, North Miami Beach Police’s Director of Police Services, issued a news statement this week warning local residents to be on alert, and stay far away, from persons on Cloud 9. Carney tells news that Cloud 9 symptoms “can include, excessive sweating, headaches, heart palpitations, nausea, severe panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, agitation and erratic behavior.” He claims that it originates from the Khat plant of East Africa and can cause one to lose control of one’s central nervous system.

Today, new 911 tapes are still being released in the Rudy Eugene case. The new tapes reveal that, before Eugene reached victim Ronald Poppo, Eugene was fully unclothed and swinging from a light pole like Tarzan. Callers described an unclothed man “acting like Tarzan” on the Causeway before the attack.

Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Armando Aguilar, has told news that he himself is informed of other recent arrests were men exhibited psychotic behavior. During their rampages, the attackers used their jaws against officers. They also exhibited unusual strength.

Aguilar said that, far before Rudy Eugene, other locals have been arrested for having used their jaws as “weapons” against others. The victims are generally also male. Aguilar also tells news that, during the psychotic meltdowns, the attackers exhibit abnormal strength. The attackers suddenly become “extremely strong, I took care of a 150 pound individual who you would have thought he was 250 pounds”.

Ronald Poppo, the 65 year old victim of Eugene, has allegedly not been told what has happened to his face. Poppo was homeless for thirty years when Eugene ate off his face. Poppo lost upwards of ninety percent of his face down to chin. Doctors who have handled other face reconstructive surgeries tell news that Poppo will have to undergo roughly 20-30 operations over the next few years.

Ed O’Dell, a spokesman for Jackson Memorial Hospital, issued a news statement this week that “We are not able to give any information on any aspect of the case.” Poppo’s medical bills are expected to reach one million dollars.

Janice Poppo Dibello confirms that she is the 44 year old daughter of Poppo, but claims she hasn’t seen him since age 2. Poppo also reportedly has two siblings and an ex-wife, WPTV reports.

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