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Brian McKnight, Chris Brown Feud Erupts with Twitter Rants Today

Brian McKnight, Chris Brown Feud Erupts with Twitter Rants Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Brian McKnight’s comments about Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather and R Kelly are prompting fan debate today. What did Brian McKnight say about Chris Brown? While McKnight doesn’t mention Chris Brown nor Mayweather by name, he doesn’t dispute their obvious reference. But now Chris Brown is drawing criticism for fans for his comments back at Brian.

As to Chris Brown, Brian McKnight this weekend told news “Since everyone’s so opinionated I’m taking suggestions on what I should do next.” He added “I’m thinking rent a lambo and b–t the s– outta my girl. That’s acceptable these days.” Fans clearly understood McKnight’s comments were about the Brown, his rented Lambo, and his then girlfriend Rihanna.

Brian then added “Or maybe [I should] have … [relations] with a 14 year old girl on film it, that’s acceptable these days.”

But Brian wasn’t done. “Or let the court system let me make 35 million before I do my 87 days in a private cell for domestic abuse that’s acceptable these days.” Those comments are in reference to Floyd Mayweather, who was allowed to make millions on his last boxing fight before he began his jail sentence for domestic violence.

“It’s not shade, I’m just reminding all of us what we accept on a daily basis.”

Brown’s reaction was the following. “I see how this works now… When peoples careers get to the ‘nobody cares’ stage they use my name for publicity! Lol.”

Chris Brown then added “I can’t keep helping these old n–as. Its miracle the way I’m bringing the dead alive!.. I would’ve gladly wrote you something that would make u look less irrelevant!” Brown then called McKnight’s track “trash”.

And while fans are bothered by Brian’s remarks, others are having problems with Brown’s ability to deal with conflict. “Chris Brown needs to realize his voice is just for singing…not stating opinions” one fan wrote. Another added “Chris Brown was disrespectful trying to call out a legend like Brian McKnight out.” Many comments read “Chris Brown is trashin’ Brian McKnight… not cool young brother.”

Others wondered why Brown doesn’t have any filter when it comes to Twitter. “Someone fire Chris Brown’s PR team. They don’t do their job. He is way too much.”

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