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UFO Over Denver? Object Spotted May 15 Prompts Doubt

UFO Over Denver? Object Spotted May 15 Prompts Doubt

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A purported UFO over Denver May 15, 2012 is leaving doubt among local news. A UFO over Denver caused a near air-collision with private jet on Monday, claims some analysts. But local news is debating what exactly was the aircraft.

When the story broke in local news on Monday night, Denver reports turned to a former NTSB employee and now news analysts to examine the situation. After hearing the alert message sent by the private jet, the expert opined that three possible situations had erupted.

Will Ripley told residents that the FAA was launching an investigation after the “mystery object… did not show up on the radar yesterday… and could cause a serious safety hazard. It happened on Monday when a pilot called air traffic control with an alert. “Something just went pass the other way, just … seconds ago… like a larger remote control aircraft.”

UFO Chinese Airport Pictures Set 1
UFO Chinese Airport Photo 1
UFO Chinese Airport Photo 2
UFO Chinese Airport Photo 3

The aircraft came within visible range of the pilot. “That is an issue, because now we have something in airspace that poses a danger” said the news’ expert. The expert listened to the air traffic control tape. But he believed that the object was one of three things: a military drone, a remote control aircraft, or a large bird.

Yet, some believe that there was another option: a possible UFO. In 2010, purported UFOs were repeated spotted over Chinese airports. Eighteen flights were delayed or rerouted when the China trouble unfolded on July 7, 2010 at roughly 9 pm local time. Then again that year, on September 11, three flights were redirected.

UFO Chinese Airport Pictures Set 2
UFO Chinese Airport Photo 4

UFO Chinese Airport Photo 5
UFO Chinese Airport Photo 6

Just days ago, YouTuber Rob19791 claimed that a rectangular object was spotted hovering next to the Sun. He added “NASA are clearly trying to stop us looking at the sun. The reasons could be anything from the crafts/ships seen recently or an impending solar flare that will wipe out humanity.”

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, however, claims that the three possibilities cited by local news aren’t correct. He states “Drones used by the police are not stealth, and even remote controlled aircraft show up on radar.”

And while sightings continue to surface since 2010, many of the images become disputed. In July, first initial news reports of a UFO sighting over Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport suggested the airport was shut down. The airport serving the People’s Republic of China and the provincial capital of Zhejiang was thereafter confirmed shut down due to spotting of an unknown aircraft, feared as a UFOs. Pictures posted online from the time were consistent with reports of a “oddly-shaped, twinkling bright light”; yet the pictures were thereafter criticized as allegedly being several years old.

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  1. Nancy Schrader

    May 19, 2012 at 6:22 am

    All three Chinese photo’s are time-lapse and are nothing more than #1- A commercial aircraft, #2- Helicopter, #3-A remote controled model plane doing rolls with LED lights on the wing-tips. Been there-done that. Also, if you look closely, you will see the Helicopter rotors and the commercial aircraft ID lights.

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