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Chile, Peru Earthquake Today 2012 Erupts, Terremoto Felt Across Region

Chile, Peru Earthquake Today 2012 Erupts, Terremoto Felt Across Region

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – A Chile / Peru earthquake today 2012 has struck in the predawn morning hours. The Chile / Peru terremoto hoy, a temblor located in the Tarapaca region, is one of the largest earthquakes to impact residents this year. The temblor today Monday, May 14, 2012 erupted at 6 am local time. No reports of injuries have yet to be reported by local news.

The Chile / Peru terremoto hoy registered a strong 6.2 magnitude, USGS reports to news. The quake, however, had a substantial depth. USGS indicates to news that the The Chile / Peru temblor was centered more than sixty miles below the earth’s surface. As a result, the quake’s impact was most felt in the immediate vicinity.

The temblor today was felt across both Chile and Peru because it was centered near the two countries’ border. The quake was forty-one miles east of the Peru town of Tacna, sixty-three miles from the Chile town of Arica in Tarapaca region. USGS reports to news that the quake was also eight-eight miles east of the Peru community of Moquegua. The quake was more than one thousand miles north of Santiago.

Recent Chile Earthquake Maps Set 1
Chile Earthquake Map 1
Chile Earthquake Map 2
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Chile has been a hot bed of earthquake activity since March 2012. Strong temblors have struck Chile on March 25, then April 17, and then again on April 30.

First in March, Chile suffered a 7.2 quake west Curico and Sagrada Familia, south of Hualane and Licanten, and east of Curepto. The quake not centered in a densely populated region, but was located outside of the of the popular Curico region.

Recent Chile Earthquake Maps Set 2
Santiago Earthquake Map 1
Santiago Earthquake Map 2
Santiago Earthquake Map 3
Santiago Earthquake Map 4

Then on April 17, USGS reported to news of a quake located off the coast of Valparaiso, Chile. The quake was twenty-six miles from Valparaiso, USGS reports to news. It was fifty miles from Los Andres and sixty-two miles north of San Antonio. It registered a 6.7 magnitude, USGS indicates to the news.

And on April 30, a 5.5 quake erupted northwest of Mendoza, Argentina, and close to San Juan, Argentina. USGS indicated to news the quake was fifteen miles west of Coquimbo, and fifty-seven miles northwest of Ovalle. The quake was roughly one hundred miles southwest of Vallenar in the Atacama region.

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