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Tanorexic Doll by Hero Builders Honors Tanning Bed Mom’s Fame

Tanorexic Doll by Hero Builders Honors Tanning Bed Mom's Fame

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Tanorexic Doll is honoring Tanning Bed Mom’s fame. The Tanorexic Doll by is toasting the Patricia Krentcil with the launch of a doll the company claims honors a woman who has become a national phenomenon. But Patricia Krentcil has yet to comment to news about the doll and the attempt to commercialize on her fame.

Patricia Krentcil recently told news that she loved her SNL portrayal. But Krentcil is not commenting on the attempts by Hero Builders founder, Emil Vicale, to capitalize on her fame. Recently, tanning bed mom said that anyone who is jealous of her is “fat, jealous and ugly.”

Now Vicale is firing back. Emil tells news “This is our first ugly doll”. Vicale added “Maybe this is a new genre for us!” He tells local news that Tanning Bed Mom inspired the doll, but doesn’t indicate if she will get any royalties, or free tans, off the doll. “Yes of course she inspired it. Why would I make something as hideous as this?!” says Vicale.

Manufacturers tell news that the doll features a female with a face seven times more orange than her hands. No self tanner is included with the purchase.

Tanning Bed Mom, however, previously told news that she does not suffer from tanorexia. Krentcil is accused of paying $100 per month to City Tropics to get unlimited tanning sessions per month. The tanning salon is located in the town of Nutley.

Officials claim that the mother put her daughter inside a booth. They assert that Krentcil tans twelve minutes, roughly five times per week, and that during one of those sessions was joined by her daughter. She has denied their claims.

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