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Julia Orayen Playboy Photos Upstage Mexico Presidential Debate

Julia Orayen Playboy Photos Upstage Mexico Presidential Debate

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Julia Orayen’s Playboy photos upstaged a Mexico Presidential Debate 2012 this week. Julia Orayen has appeared in Mexico Playboy 2008 pictures and countless other bikini magazine spreads. But for reasons still unknown, Mexico’s electoral officials chose the Playboy centerfold, dressed in a form fitting dress, to aid in this week’s Mexican presidential debate. In a moment that seemed like more an episode of Nuestra Belleza Latina, rather than the evening news, Orayen was chosen to be, as some have called, the Mexican Vanna White for the evening. But her dress is what prompted the scandal thereafter for officials.

Orayen was chosen to bring out a box in which presidential candidates would select who would talk first during the Presidential debate. Immediately, viewers worldwide ignored the candidates and began searching out who was the mystery woman. The telecast, airing lived on Sunday, dominated international news by Monday. Today, Mexican officials confirmed the female is Orayen.

Julia Orayen Normal Pictures Set 1
Julia Orayen Photo 1
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During the Mexican Presidential debate, one female candidate voiced her mixed thoughts about the matter. Josefina Vazquez Mota tells news that she thought the model was “very attractive”. But Mota thought that her dress was not appropriate. “I was surprised, and I [thought], ‘Well, what sort of event are we attending here?'”

Julia Orayen Pictures Set 2
Julia Orayen Photo 5
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Julia Orayen’s appearance on screen was literally only seconds. But now three days after the debate, few can remember who were the candidates and what were their issues.

Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) however has told news that they are happy for the attention the debate has generate, but apologize for Julia’s appearance. They claim it was “production error associated with the dress of an assistant”.

Alfredo Figueroa, director of IFE, is sorry for the situation. He said he had asked Julia to wear a “sober dress”, whatever that means. So what went wrong? Julia Orayen tells news “It was my only choice for a long dress. I didn’t think it would reveal as much or cause this much scandal. I learned I like myself better when I’m covered up.”

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Orayen was in Mexico Playboy 2008, the publishing empire tells news. “The best was the girl in white …” tweeted former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda as the scandal erupted.

Gabriel Quadri, one of the candidates, tells news he is disappointed that no one paid attention to his issues but instead focused on the Playboy model. “It is impossible not to concentrate your attention on a woman so spectacular!”

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Julia Orayen Photo 13
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So could the stunning model next guest star on Nuestra Belleza Latina? Univision fans certainly hope so. Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012 fans on March 4 helped Univision make TV history, surpassing many of the U.S. (English language) primetime broadcasters with massive ratings. The initial field that week was fifty-four competitors. The show hosted by Giselle Blondet has since reduced the field progressively. The women are competing for a quarter million dollars in prizes and cash and a role on El Gordo y la Flaca. But for today, at least, all the fame is the hands of Julia Orayen.

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