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Mayweather vs. Cotto Boxing Fight Results Prompt Floyd Mayweather Win

Mayweather vs. Cotto Boxing Fight Results Prompt Floyd Mayweather winner Win who won the fight tonight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who won the boxing fight tonight? Floyd Mayweather is the winner of tonight’s Mayweather vs. Cotto showdown. Mayweather vs. Cotto boxing results for May 5, 2012 ended with Floyd Mayweather winning, not just another bout, but also a new record with the largest payday guarantee in boxing history. Miguel Cotto was no match for Floyd Mayweather in tonight’s HBO boxing fight. But unlike the Victor Ortiz fight dominating boxing news last year, Mayweather tonight gave fans his best fight since his showdown against Shane Mosley two years ago.

Mayweather vs. Cotto returned to a familiar slot that Floyd Mayweather and Golden Boy Promotions have perfected, a Las Vegas MGM Grand fight on Cinco de Mayo weekend. And yet, after months of anticipation for a Mayweather Pacquiao fight for May 5, Floyd still delivered a strong show tonight along with an exceptional undercard spectacle.

But still, the fight of Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao remains in doubt. Will Floyd and Manny ever fight, why haven’t the two been able to ink a fight deal, and can the two continue to progress through the sport without facing each other?

First, investors are reportedly in place for a Mayweather and Pacquiao fight to happen. Bob Arum has told news “There are a couple of investors who want to put up a lot of money to do the fight. So we are exploring how real it is. The investors know Mayweather.” He added “They met with us at my house and they told Michael that they were going to see Mayweather and that Roger Mayweather would meet Michael outside the gym and take him in to meet with Mayweather.”

Second, Pacquiao in his own words has assured news that he wants to fight Floyd. Mayweather, however, has repeated told news that Pacman doesn’t want to fight him. Claiming that Pacquiao would be afraid to lose, Floyd has said it’s Pacman, not him, who hasn’t signed up to fight.

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Not so says Pacquiao. At a recent Congress at the Resorts World Hotel and Casino, Pacquiao told news “Hopefully, the next fight, is Mayweather … however, I am not saying it will push through.” Of course, it never happened. This weekend’s fight was originally anticipated to be “Mayweather Pacquiao”, not “Mayweather Cotto”.

Third, Pacquiao’s inner circle assures news that they are interested in fighting Floyd. Floyd disagrees and tells news that Pacman and his team is allegedly not being truthful. Freddie Roach has told news that the world demands the fight to happen and that Roach wants to see it happen. “I think it would be the best fight in the world and I would love to see it”.

So really, what has caused the Mayweather Pacquiao fight to not happen? Unfortunately, both camps have accused each other of fabricating excuses. And yet, there is a host of key issues, however, that one side says they want addressed and the other is not responding to.

First, Floyd says he wants the Pacquiao fight to happen in the MGM Grand. Arum says he doesn’t want that. Arum has consistently told news that he has no intention of Pacquiao inking a deal that does not encompass all possible revenue streams. Among them, Arum tells news, is a larger venue.

Arum has told news that he wants a temporary venue built that would have a larger live audience than inside the MGM Grand. Arum also tells news that there is a time frame in which to build the temporary structure, that it can’t be constructed overnight.

Second, Mayweather has said that Pacman is already losing in his mind. But Floyd is interested in fighting. After the Ortiz win last year, Mayweather showed no interest in Pacman. “And as far as Manny Pacquiao we said what we had to say about that in the beginning on the phone and there’s nothing else to be said about the situation. If you’re the best, take the test, and we leave it at that.” But by November 2011, Floyd suddenly wanted Pacman. “He lost to Marquez three times. May 5 is the date, sign the contract, I’m waiting.”

Mayweather contends that fights like Ortiz and Cotto helped him. After the disappointment of Ortiz, fans disagreed. Mayweather told news “It’s good for my fans and the people that like to come to entertaining fights and big shows to come out and see me and support me”.

And yet, many fans contend that these are two fighters who simply aren’t happy with fifty million dollar paychecks for one fight, and want one hundred million paychecks.

Mayweather consistently brags about how lucrative his deals are, and Arum consistently tells news that he wants the best deal for Manny. “We’re working on trying to make that a reality. But you have to understand that this isn’t the kind of fight you make in 15 minutes. It doesn’t work that way. It takes time, and my obligation is to get Manny the best deal possible.”

And yet, Mayweather and Arum have never completely told news what is holding up a fight deal. Among the suggestions are PPV numbers. Mayweather has told news that PPV residuals are a sensitive topic. In 2011, Mayweather told fans that, when news reports indicate how much money he is paid for each fight, that amount is just his first check from PPV. Mayweather said that the amount cited is just for the first broadcast.

Mayweather told news that PPV continues to pay, for each fight, each month, for years to come as the fight is rebroadcasted worldwide. Mayweather claimed that the big money is the residuals on PPV that a fighter continues to earn for the rest of their life, not just the fight-night paycheck. Floyd also stated he allegedly knows the details about PPV future checks since he gets the checks directly from PPV and sees the amounts himself. “When I do PPV, I keep all the money. The checks come in for years.”

But still, there is no deal, and little hope for a deal. As Arum said in December 2011, “Hopefully, we’ll be able before the new year to bridge that gap and make that fight happen.” And yet, the fight just doesn’t happen.


  1. nativewalker

    May 6, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    This guy is a joke and this fight was a slap in the face of real boxing. S Mayweather is a running circles around retirement. Mayweather sure he kick my butt there is no money in it for him sorry. So for all of you that think this has-been is a champion fighter,ask yourself why isn’t he fighting guys worthy of a championship fight?

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