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Dania Suarez Playboy, Hustler Photos Cause Bidding War for Colombia Scandal

Dania Suarez Playboy, Hustler Photos Cause Bidding War for Colombia Scandal

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Dania Suarez Playboy photos or Hustler pictures have resulted in a massive bidding war between Hefner and Flynt, claims news reports today. Dania Suarez pics could dominate Playboy or Hustler within the coming weeks, claims Latin American news. The woman at the center of the Colombia Secret Service has reportedly drawn interest from both men’s magazine. The news comes as Dania Suarez opened up to Latin American noticias today about the scandal, her future aspirations, and the ongoing Congressional investigation.

The New York Daily News today claimed that both Flynt’s Hustler magazine and Hefner’s Playboy magazine have reportedly both contacted Dania. In fact, the news magazine claims that Dania has allegedly led both magazines into a bidding war.

An official tells El Nuevo Herald news this week that Dania Suaréz has even shot the photos. Her actions are not usual. Many times, celebrities, feeling a potential interest from publications, shoot the pictures themselves, and then license the pictures to respective magazines for different territories.

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Dania Suaréz, according to El Nuevo, has already shot the pictures and is ready to sell the pictures to the highest bidder. Larry Flynt confirms he has been bidding on the pictures, that Dania Suaréz has shot the pictures, and that he is interested. But beyond on that, Flynt has few other details for news.

Often, publications don’t confirm news of even possible interestin spreads until the issue is about to be released. Playboy tells the Herald that it has not spoken to Suarez. But it would not indicate if it’s not interested.

Dania Suaréz tells news that that she did in fact get solicited for services by Arthur Huntington. She claims, however, it was only for a “date”.

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In an interview the Caracol TV and W Radio, she said that her price she charges is for a “little present”.  The 24 year old single mother asserts to local news that the agents were exceptionally drunk in Cartagena. “They were drinking alcohol like it was water. They were really drunk, acting crazy”. She said, however, that the agents were very “good looking”, could dance well, and were “very nice”.

From there, she claims the agents began speaking in Spanish. She tells news “I said ‘Baby cash money,’ he said ‘Cuanto?’ (how much?), I said ‘Ocho ciento dollares’ ($800), he said ‘Ok ocho ciento dollares, come'”.

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She said she is normally paid up front; but because the agent was “very nice”, she wanted to receive payment the next morning. Instead, she claims that she was deceived. He allegedly turned belligerent the next day, telling her “let go” and refusing to pay her, offering her only twenty-eight dollars not eight hundred. Suarez is a mother of a nine year old son.

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