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Stephen Michael Stewart Arrested for Brandon and Zachary Sims Murder

Stephen Michael Stewart Arrested for Brandon and Zachary Sims Murder

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Stephen Michael Stewart has been arrested for the murder of Brandon and Zachary Sims of Bad Dog Bailbonds. Stephen Michael Stewart (mugshot photo) was arrested Saturday after s Duane “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman rushed into Bakersfield, California this week to aid in the search efforts.

On Friday night, Bakersfield Police had obtained initially leads to Stewart’s possible whereabouts. On Saturday, the Chapmans tweeted to their Twitter and Facebook followers to assist with any possible leads in the deadly shooting. But moments ago, officials confirmed that Stewart has been arrested.

At 7 am local time today, SWAT was dispatched to a local site, officials tell news. Sgt. Mary DeGeare indicates to local news that Stewart surrender at roughly 9:30 am today.

Police accuse Stewart in the deadly murder of local bondsmen Brandon Nicolas Sims, 26, and Zachary Daniel Sims, 23. The Sims brothers, according to local news, were trying to search for Zachary Adam Perrick, 24, when they were allegedly murdered by Stewart.

Beth Chapman tweeted moments ago “they got hi, they got him”. Official Dog News tells followers “It shows how even a jump for a little bond can turn deadly very quickly… What really hits home also. It could have been DL and Leland in a gun battle, scary scary. So sad for the victim’s family.”

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