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Derrick Rose ACL Injury Confirmed by Bulls

Derrick Rose False ACL and MCL Injury Tweets Prompt Confusion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Derrick Rose does have an ACL injury that will end his season, ESPN claims. Derrick Rose does not a MCL injury, officials added. The confusion started Saturday after false tweets surfaced following Rose’s injury.

Roughly thirty minutes ago, NBC Miami tweeted “Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose has torn ACL and MCL in left knee, will miss remainder of playoffs.” But then, NBC updated news, stating its previous report was false. “Report of Derrick Rose’s injury was premature, his status is unknown. ”

Now, NBC has updated the status once again by retweeting this message from the NBA on ESPN. “Derrick Rose has torn his ACL and will miss the remainder of the season, Bulls announce.” ESPN’s Scott Powers is confirming the same. Rose got injured in the final moments of Saturday’s game with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau acknowledged to news that Rose has suffered lots of injuries this season. But Thibodeau said his team is ready to make adjustments adding “we’ll deal with it” and calling the latest injury “unfortunate”. TNT’s Cheryl Miller during Saturday’s telecast commented about the silence in the arena after Rose’s injury.

SBNation is reporting that a fake tweet could be the culprit for the initial confusion today. The infamous fake RT gimmick was allegedly used Saturday after Rose’s injury.

On Twitter, any person can write a fake tweet which reads “@[account]”.  SBNation reports that erroneous tweets were reading “@ESPNChicago: Doctors Report Derrick Rose has a torn Mcl and Acl will miss the remainder of the playoffs and have surgery on Tuesday”.

But ESPN Chicago reportedly never tweeted that message. Rather the only ESPNChicago tweets about Rose’s injuries read “Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose apparently hurts knee” and “Rose hurts knee in Bulls’ 103-91 Game 1 win”.

“He’s going to be examined and they’ll know,” Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau told ESPN in a news statement Saturday. “He started moving his leg, but they have to do an MRI and all that, so I would be guessing.”

At 3:36 PM PST. ESPN’s Scott Powers finally confirmed directly from the Bulls that Rose does have an ACL injury and will be out for the remainder of the season. For Powers’ report on Rose, click HERE.

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