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Ahmed Hassan Fans Respond to What Happened on Yard Crashers: EXCLUSIVE

Ahmed Hassan Fans Respond to What Happened on Yard Crashers: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Ahmed Hassan fans are responding to what happened on Yard Crashers with their own effort to crash-in on the debate. When LALATE first asked weeks ago “what happened to Ahmed Hassan on Yard Crashers”, the landscape between Ahmed, his fans and DYI / HGTV was different. Now fans are not sitting back; and after seasons of watching Hassan crash yards, fans are ready to crash the debate over Ahmed’s exit, with a petition.

There have been statements by Ahmed Hassan, reactions by fans, and silence by broadcaster DYI/HGTV about what really happened. While no joint news statement has ever been issued by the parties, fans have been left to infer what may have happened, how Ahmed thinks of the situation, and what the now former host hopes for the future.

The key word, unfortunately, is “former”. Ahmed Hassan is not the host of Yard Crashers anymore. Weeks ago, LALATE exclusively broke that Hassan was replaced by his network with Matt Blashaw.

At the time, Ahmed and DYI were silent about what happened. After LALATE began reporting about the shocking replacement of Ahmed for Matt, fans were not pleased, voicing their anger in comments through March. Other hosts were not helping provide clarity. Matt Muenster, host of Bath Crashers, told news “Congrats to my friend and fellow Crasher Matt Blashaw on his big Yard Crasher premiere coming up April 2nd! Head over to his page and give him some love.” Muenster made no mention of Ahmed.

Finally, after a series of reports on LALATE, and countless fan comments, Ahmed on April 2 issued a news statement about the matter on Facebook. In it, Ahmed confirmed his exited status, but still didn’t tell viewers why he was out as host of YC. The news statement wrongly appeared to suggest that Ahmed may have wanted to exit the show to devote more time to his family, writing that “2012 will be a time to parent and enjoy my 3 kid” and that 2012 would be devoted for new TV projects.

But soon, it became apparent that Ahmed did not wish to leave as host of Yard Crashers. Seven days later, Ahmed told news that previously shot episodes featuring him had never aired. He said those new or “classic episodes” as Ahmed referred to them would debut in the coming weeks.

For weeks, fan sentiments became more and more enraged. In comments, fans said repeatedly that Ahmed Hassan was their favorite crasher host, and that Ahmed was their biggest reason to turn into HGTV / DIY. Fans were baffled why a host with such a strong fan base would be removed from the network, on a hit show.

After weeks of displeasure with the situation, fans changed it, “crashing in” on the debate on April 16. After a series of LALATE reports and statements by Ahmed about the exit, one fan had enough, launching her own petition. In it, she asked that DYI/HGTV bring Ahmed Hassan back on air.

But how would Ahmed react? Finally it became inferred that Ahmed’s exit was not his desire. Rather, he told news on April 16 that he would support the petition to bring him back on air, on some other show. “Yard Crashers fans are amazing! Winnie Chueng started a petition at to ask DIY Network to bring Ahmed back to Yard Crashers. I’ve never seen these petitions used in this way, but we definitely appreciate the love!”

Hassan progressively updated fans about the progress. “Thanks for the love, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Looks like there are over 2,000 signatures on the petition at”

An insider tells LALATE this week that Hassan would love to return to HGTV / DYI to a different show, as soon as possible.

Ahmed tells news “I’d like to be shooting shows around the fun and creative work that I do. I’m looking forward to discussions with the Network on what my current interests are.” To sign the petition, click HERE. And to support Ahmed on his Facebook page, click HERE.


  1. Allen Bryce

    July 11, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    Get the new guy off bring back Ahmed. Will not watch the new guy

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