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WSHH Twitter Feud Video and Tashay D. Edwards Arrest Prompt Confusion

WSHH Twitter Feud Video and Tashay D. Edwards Arrest Prompt Confusion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is a shocking WSHH Twitter feud video and the arrest Tashay D. Edwards even related? WSHH (World Star Hip Hop) posted an Ohio video today in which two women allegedly fight because of a Twitter feud. And Tashay D. Edwards was arrested in Ohio recently. Now some reports are claiming that the two matters are related. But are they?

The WSHH video is entitled “Home Invasion”. The site describes the video as an encounter “in Ohio for being disrespectful on Twitter.” The video claims that a woman was attached on “her own doorstep over twitter beef” in the state of Ohio. While WSHH generates enormous views for its videos, this video caused a larger than usual reaction online today. WSHH does not identify the attacker.

In the video, one woman approaches another at her presumed residence. The two speak for a while. And then a shocking dispute erupts, ending in the streets.

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Multiple reports claim that the woman in the video was arrested on Monday April 16. They claim that the video captured the encounter at issue, and that the assailant was arrested on April 16. Those same reports claim that woman’s arrested is named Tashay D. Edwards. But there is no confirmation of the same.

Rather, the Chronicle Telegram newspaper reports Police Logs for the area. It reports that a Tashay D. Edwards was not arrested on Monday April 16. Rather, the newspaper reports that Tashay D. Edwards was arrested on Monday March 19, 2012.

The police log reads that at 8:14 pm “2500 block Washington Ave., Tashay D. Edwards, 19, 100 blocks Spring St., arrested and charged with assault and violation of a temporary protection order. A woman, who said she has had ongoing problems with Edwards, said Edwards repeatedly punched her and ripped her shirt off.” The video does not depict a woman have her shirt ripped off. Officials have yet to comment to news about the shocking video.

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