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Marland Anderson aka Sledge Hammer Photos Revealed Following Taser Death Controversy

Marland Anderson aka Sledge Hammer Photos Revealed Following Taser Death Controversy

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The death of Marland Anderson aka Sledge Hammer (photos below) has now prompted a taser controversy for the LAPD. When news surfaced that Marland Anderson had died, no cause of death was listed. Now friends of Marland Anderson claim that LAPD’s use of taser guns killed the film actor known as Sledge Hammer.

Marland Anderson had appeared in nearly eight hundred movies since the 1990s. He worked for Celestial Productions and then Lethal Hard– productions. Anderson grew up in Mission Viejo, Calif.

The confusion started Sunday night while Anderson was at home in Reseda with his girlfriend, Alexa Cruz. She called 911 because Anderson had suffered an anxiety attack. Police reported to Anderson’s residence and asked him to walk down to an ambulance. The two parties were reportedly at ease.

Marland Anderson Pictures Set 1
Marland Anderson Photo 1
Marland Anderson Photo 2
Marland Anderson Photo 3
Marland Anderson Photo 4

Cruz tells news that she was expecting that Anderson would be put in a 72-hour psychiatric hold in the hospital. Cruz reportedly told LAPD that Anderson had not neither touched nor threatened him.

During the watch, Anderson told LAPD that he didn’t want to be in the ambulance. As his anxiety got worse, Anderson was allowed by LAPD to exit the ambulance and go back to his residence.

But that’s where the situation changed dramatically. Reports claim that multiple officers pulled out taser guns and began shooting Anderson allegedly “excessively”. Soon Anderson went into cardiac arrest. Officials claim that Anderson’s heart stop beating for ten minutes. That loss of oxygen for ten minutes caused massive swelling in the brain.

Marland Anderson Pictures Set 2
Marland Anderson Photo 5
Marland Anderson Photo 6
Marland Anderson Photo 7
Marland Anderson Photo 8

Soon Anderson had no hope of coming out of the coma. Anderson’s mother on Thursday night decided to take her son off a respirator. On Friday morning, he died inside Northridge Hospital. His friends tells “We believe there was excessive force used and investigators and attorneys will be called to get to the bottom of what happened to Marland Anderson”.

Marland Anderson Pictures Set 3
Marland Anderson Photo 9
Marland Anderson Photo 10
Marland Anderson Photo 11
Marland Anderson Photo 12

LAPD has yet to comment to news about the matter. An autopsy has been scheduled. Officials confirm that responding officers were from the LAPD’s Force Investigation Division.

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