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Mike Eiskant Cop Video Tape Released from Squad Car Dashcam Scandal

Mike Eiskant Cop Video Tape Released from Squad Car Dashcam

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Mike Eiskant video tape when he was a cop has been released to news today. The Mike Eiskant video tape was recorded by the then cop’s squad car dashcam. The former Santa Fe police sergeant is accused of acting up in his squad car, with just himself, and being caught almost entirely on tape.

Mike Eiskant is no longer a cop. But today, local news released a video  of the former cop, 41, in his own squad car acting improperly. The entire exchange was recorded by Eiskant’s own squad car in-dash camera.

As Reuters reports today, Eiskant actual act is not depicted. But the opening of his clothing can be heard. Then Eiskant is heard stating “Oh show me those big beautiful br–ts.” So who was Eiskant talking to? Local news says that Eiskant was just talking to himself.

Recently he entered a guilty plea in Bernaillo County District Court to other matters. He agreed to never be a cop again. The video is located HERE.

This is the latest in a series of cop scandals, all caught on tape. On March 12, Dion Anthony allegedly had relations with a woman during his evening shift. The encounter allegedly happened inside his squad car. Anthony had turned off his microphone on his shoulder. But he forgot to turn off the microphone on his car’s dash. Soon, all thirty cops in Dion Anthony’s force were able to hear Anthony and the woman allegedly “interacting”.

Last year, Officer Bert Lopez, a cop with the New Mexico State Police, was caught on video tape for alleged improper act. KOB claimed that the only witness was a Chihuahua. The video was recorded by surveillance cameras. The two allegedly engaged in acts on a remote Sante Fe ranch.

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