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Nicole Curtis, Rehab Addict, Shares Minnehaha Vision

Nicole Curtis, Rehab Addict, Shares Minnehaha Vision

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Nicole Curtis on season one of Rehab Addict shared the dramatic transformation of her home she called the Minnehaha Project. Now, as Curtis promotes her second season of Rehab Addict (DYI), she is set to meet with locals to explain her vision behind this and all her projects.

Since LALATE first covered Curtis’ debut in the breakout DYI series in February 2011, many fans have wondered how many seasons DYI would give Curtis. Now in her second season, Curtis is expanding her renovation conquests, doing remodels for clients.

But some things never change. “Oh my gawd, why did they cover that up” and “I just want brick” have become almost coined expressions in Curtis’ delightful reaction to renovations. She also has her unique responses when she finds out previous owners cover-up historic design elements, inside and out.

In January of last year, DYI said of, then, premiering Rehab Addict that “Curtis … takes old homes that have seen better days and orchestrates a full transformation.” They also told news that Curtis “discovers historic houses once the pride of the neighborhood but have fallen on hard times. Pushing her rough on’ tough crew, arguing with her family, wrangling with city officials and dealing with the usual litany of old house headaches, it’s not always pretty. By the time the dust clears, a house that was ready for the wrecking ball is now restored to its former glory.”

Whether its Curtis’ Bobcat driving skills that could put Jason Cameron to shame, or her ability to fend off a pesky cat trying to prevent her stain from drying, Curtis is a programming delight.

But Nicole still doesn’t want to become a major TV star. She tells viewers moments ago “Don’t you want to be a big star? (insert shake of head)” She declines, stating that the press “would have a field day with me -no thanks:)”

Unlike other reality stars that off pushing their perfume lines, Curtis takes time with fans. On Friday April 20, Curtis will meet with fans locally in Birmingham, Michigan. For more, click HERE. But for fans nationally, a new episode of Rehab Addict, season two, airs tonight on DYI.


  1. Bill McNeil

    July 9, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Ms. Curtis,

    I hope you have financially recovered from the Minnehaha Project. You do a great job at rehabbing homes to their former glory. Your show is enjoyable to watch because it is nice to see someone who cares about what they do. Some HGTV document say you have dome work in the Los Angeles are. I currently live in Los Angeles county and bought a lot that covers a couple of acres in Venture county. Its not far from Los Angeles. Can you recommend any designer, builder or contractor from the Los Angels or Ventura areas of California.

    Thank you
    Bill McNeil

  2. richard harrison

    March 20, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Nicole…hire me as your carpentry..15 years building homes..thxx

  3. Pat Jekel

    May 30, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Nicole, Did you finally sell Minnehaha?

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