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Jake England Facebook Profile Rant Impacts Tulsa Shooting Case Investigation

Jake England Facebook Profile Rant Impacts Tulsa Shooting Case Investigation

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Jake England Facebook profile rant is impacting the Tulsa shooting case investigation. While Jake England’s Facebook profile was deleted after Alvin Watts, right, and Jake England, were arrested, Tulsa prosecutors tell news that they are looking at those posts by England about the father Carl England.

On the Facebook profile of Jake England, the 19 year old wrote Thursday about the two anniversary of his father’s death. Jake England wrote on his Facebook profile “Today is two years that my dead has been shot by a … [edited] it’s hard not to go off between that and sheran.”

Friends tell local news that England was suffering mental anguish after the January suicide of his girlfriend. Jake England added “I’m gone in the head RIP”. Sheran Wilde, 24, was the mother of England’s son. He further wrote “dad and Sheran I love and miss you, I think about both of you every second of the day.”

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Tulsa NCAAP president Rev Warren Blakney Sr tells local news that he believes the attacks were racially motivated. Local news reports the Facebook profile was deleted on Sunday. But on Friday, England and Watts allegedly drove through an African American community in northern Tulsa and allegedly shot five strangers, all African Americans.

In April 2010, the boyfriend of Jake England’s sister had gotten in a dispute with Pernell Jefferson, an African American. During a later encounter between Carl England and his daughter’s boyfriend, Jefferson gunned down Carl Edward.

Jake England also wrote on Facebook after Friday’s shootings “People talking s*** on me for some s*** I didn’t do… I do believer (sic) it just mite be the time to call it quits… if something does happen tonite be ready for another funeral later.”

Police Chief Chuck Jordan tells news that England and Watts allegedly randomly shot five victims. Three victims later died. Police have identified the fatal victims as Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clark, 54, and William Allen, 31. Funeral arrangements have not been announced for Fields, Clark, and Allen. Send your love.

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