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50 Cent Not Dead – Rapper Battles Three Fake Death Reports 2012 Today

50 Cent Not Dead - Rapper Battles Three Fake Death Reports 2012 Today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – 50 Cent is not dead. But 50 Cent is the victim of three fake death reports 2012 surfacing online today. The rapper was the subject of erroneous claims that made news last December; those claimed that he died in a car crash. But today, the rapper is the victim of three fabricated reports, surfacing online, at the time same, from the same source. Fans are more skeptical this time around compared to last year’s false claims.

50 Cent didn’t die in a car crash on Route 80 today. Nor did the rapper and businessman die in a snowboarding accident in Zermatt. And while “50 in the house” might occur tonight on some dance floors, 50 is not in any Turks and Caicos house, despite claims from yet a third false report.

Fans are asking today if any of three false reports, all from Mediafetcher aka Global, are true. They aren’t. Each year, more fake celebrity death reports strike each respective celebrity. Currently there are three reports striking the rapper.

While 50 Cent might not share musical traits with Lil Wayne, he certainly shares one dubious moment making news today. Both have been the victim of a fake Turks and Caicos death report. Featuring an image of a jet ski torn apart on a deserted beach, Global claims that the rapper was in Turks today, that he was on a Jet-ski, and that he sufferered a fatal accident.

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If that sounds problematic, it should. Global is also claiming that the rapper today was in Zermatt, Switzerland. That second false report claims that he died during a snowboarding crash. The website claims “this is a totally fake article based on zero truth and is a complete work of fiction”.

Global’s third fake death report today is also confusing fans. In it, Global claims that the rapper died in a car crash today 2012. The infamous Route 80 crash story has been used for countless music celebrities. For today, Global claims “Highway Safety Investigators have told reporters that 50 Cent lost control while driving a friend’s vehicle on Interstate 80 and rolled the vehicle several times killing him instantly.”

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Since 2008, fake celebrity death reports have taken new form. Originating in false webpage creations, like Global, today fake death reports are sent via Twitter trick, Twitpic fabrications, and even false Facebook assertions. “RIP Beyonce” lead the biggest confusion in fall 2011. For it, one person set up an entire dedicated Facebook profile to falsely proclaim the singer had died.

Fake Twitpic attempts have also confused fans. Some took templates from news sites, and through the wonders of Photoshop, miraculously claimed a celebrity had died.

And finally, the false retweet option has consistently enraged fans. By typing “@RT”, dubious authors have claimed that someone else has proclaimed the celebrity has died, even though they haven’t.

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Whether you are Beyonce, or Lil Wayne, Adam Sandler or 50 Cent, the attempt to falsely claim you have died has taken new form this year. None of these celebrities died today, but fake death reports about them still spiral out of control.

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