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San Diego Earthquake Today 2012 Strikes in Predawn Hours

San Diego Earthquake Today 2012 Strikes in Predawn Hours

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A San Diego earthquake today 2012 has struck in the predawn hours. Today’s San Diego earthquake, however, is in the same proximity as another quake that struck two days ago near Escondido and Temecula. No reports of injury have yet to be reported by local news.

Today’s San Diego earthquake is the second quake to strike the region this week. On Friday, a 3.3 magnitude quake struck roughly thirty-nine miles outside of downtown San Diego. That quake was close to the Palomar Observatory, USGS reported to news at the time.

Sunday’s quake, however, is roughly the same distance from San Diego. It was located only twenty-two miles from Escondido, USGS reports to news. It was eighteen mile east of Temecula, thirteen miles from Valley Center, eleven miles from Valley Center. The quake was only two miles from Palomar Observatory as well.

USGS reports to news that today’s quake had a nominal depth. It struck only three miles below the earth’s surface. As a result, today’s 3.0 magnitude quake could be felt across the immediate vicinity.

So Cal Earthquake Today Maps
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On Saturday, a Malibu earthquake struck Los Angeles residents. Today, also, a 3.5 magnitude quake struck Northern California. That quake, USGS indicates to news, was one mile from The Geyers and Cobb and roughly seventy miles from Sacramento. Another quake today struck three miles from Clearlake. That 3.2 quake, USGS details to news, was just twenty-one miles from Cloverdale.

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  1. creyente

    April 1, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    There’s so many earthquakes lately.
    And what if tomorrow morning on April 2, 2012 the Big one comes to Los Angeles. It’s possible! Very, very, very possible. If so…I won’t be there!

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