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Ahmed Hassan Yard Crashers Exit for Matt Blashaw Revealed: WORLD EXCLUSIVE

Ahmed Hassan Yard Crashers Exit for Matt Blashaw Revealed: WORLD EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Ahmed Hassan isn’t Yard Crashers host this week, as Matt Blashaw takes over the HGTV / DIY series. What happened to Ahmed Hassan and Yard Crashers? Ahmed Hassan in newly released news statements to fans confirms that he has ended production on Yard Crashers, but will remain listed as a host for “classic” episodes. Moreover, Ahmed tells news that a few new (previously shot) episodes featuring him will debut in the coming months.  But where is HGTV’s statement to fans about Ahmed’s exit? Where is HGTV’s clarity about Ahmed’s exit?

This week, HGTV / DIY are proclaiming the appointment and introduction of Matt Blashaw as the new Yard Crasher with zero reference to Ahmed and zero explanation as to what happened to Ahmed. Some viewers are irate, vowing never again to watch Yard Crashers. And many are irate at the broadcaster, all together.

Ahmed Hassan would always tell Yard Crashers families to do their homework before day two’s work. But a quick perusal of the channel’s websites reveals his broadcaster hasn’t done its own homework about programming announcements. The HGTV / DIY websites currently list Matt Blashaw and Ahmed Hassan as both hosts of Yard Crashers. So is Ahmed a current host, former host, or future host? Good luck figuring that one out.

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Ahmed, rather, tells news this weekend that he will no longer be taping new episodes, and that he previously shot a few new episodes that will broadcasted later this year. Yes, Ahmed has been replaced. The reason for the replacement remains a mystery.

If this digital inability to clarify hosts status on websites sounds familiar for this broadcaster, it should. LALATE previously detailed that HGTV / DIY unveiled Egypt Sherrod as the new host of Property Virgins at a time in which Sandra Rinomato, not Egypt, was listed on their websites as the host of Property Virgins. In fact, Sandra Rinomato had already left the show by that point. Currently, the broadcaster is listing the two as both hosts.

So what really happened to Ahmed? This weekend, buried in only the comments sections of his Facebook posts, Ahmed quietly gave some details.

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First, Ahmed referred to himself as the following: “Happy April! On Sunday, tune in to DIY at 9am EST for a full hour of Yard Crashers and check out HGTV at 11am for another episode. Classic episodes featuring Ahmed as host!”

One fan wasn’t happy with HGTV’s clarity on their website.  “I have gone to the website nothing explains why Ahmed isn’t hosting. I want an explanation please.”

Ahmed then gave this news statement: “When relationships change, there’s never a simple answer. The good news is that the classics will continue to air and there’s a handful of new episodes that haven’t aired yet, with me as host. Stay tuned.”

In another statement, buried in the comments section of Facebook, Ahmed said “I appreciate your love! You fans are the best. The good news is that the show will continue to air with me as host and there are still some that haven’t aired yet. Please keep watching on both HGTV and DIY!”

Despite that, viewers are beyond irate about the lack of clarity from Ahmed’s broadcaster. “I am so disappointed that Ahmed is gone. The public deserves to know why. You have just lost another viewer as a result of poor decision making!.”

Another added “I don’t like the way HGTV changes hosts do not tell their loyal viewers anything. I loved Ahmed and got my husband to watch the show with me. I will not be watching since he is gone without any explanation.”

Will viewers watch the new host? “I have been a loyal viewer for years but no more.” Another wrote “Where is Ahmed? I will not watch HGTV until he comes back. The only alternative I have is to tape his shows. I have been a loyal fan of HGTV until now. No Ahmed no watching. Good bye HGTV”.

For now, fans will be able to catch Ahmed in reruns a few new future episodes. As one fan wrote  “I was so sadden why Ahmed is not the host of Yard Crashers. He was so good, entertaining and has a great personality. I used to search the TV schedule to see when Yard Crasher was on and set aside that time to watch even though it may have been a re-run. Well you have now lost me as a viewer or follower of Yard Crasher or any of the other Crasher shows.”


  1. khoen

    February 8, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    My husband and watch yard crasher matt. He is own created deisign. We don’t agree with Ahmed is not design his own create… Better Matt is good host…

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