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William Levy N2N Photos, Modeling, Leaked Online during DWTS Season

William Levy N2N Photos, Modeling, Leaked Online during DWTS Season

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – William Levy N2n modeling photos have leaked online during the latest Dancing with the Stars 2012 season. William Levy posed in N2N modeling pictures for the bodywear clothing manufacture in 2004. Now that same company has created a re-release of one image from the collection with their own news announcement. But that announcement prompted websites to thereafter search out and publish far more revealing images of the DWTS star.

William Levy modeling pictures have been online for years. But with Levy’s biggest entry into the U.S. English language TV market underway, his former employer decided to bid reference to his previous work. In a recent news statement, N2N Bodywear took an image of William Levy clothed with the news statement “wishing our former 2004 N2N model best of luck on Dancing with the Stars”. Below that news announcement is a caption referencing the name of the N2N clothing item being worn by William Levy.

William Levy Pictures Set 1
William Levy Photo 1
William Levy Photo 2
William Levy Photo 3
William Levy Photo 4

It remains unclear if N2N re-released any other images from the original collection. But quickly thereafter, several sites sought and began to publish the revealing images, unedited. Since then, websites have being published rounds of the original pics. The images show Levy dressed in clothing, clothing that in some cases that is merely mesh fabric.  Levy reveals to fans far more than his dancing skills in the images.

William Levy Pictures Set 2
William Levy Photo 5

William Levy Photo 6

William Levy Photo 7

William Levy Photo 8

This week, William Levy and Cheryl Burke made news with a huge jump in the standings on DWTS. Levy made a substantial improvement compared to week one, earning a twenty-five score on his quickstep. Len said it still wasn’t great. Bruno drew laughs with his comment “Even fully-clothed, you have the ability to dazzle”. And Carrie Ann called William the “Harry Connick, Jr. of the ballroom!”

William Levy Pictures Set 3
William Levy Photo 9

William Levy Photo 10

William Levy Photo 11

William Levy Photo 12

In contrast, for week one, Roshon Fegan and Sheri Shepherd each earned twenty-three scores, while William Levy delivered a twenty-four. Levy has yet to comment to news about the images appearing today.

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