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Duane Lee Chapman, Leland Chapman Exit Dog the Bounty Hunter: EXCLUSIVE

Duane Lee Chapman, Leland Chapman leave, fire, quit Dog the Bounty Hunter: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman have not only left Dog the Bounty Hunter (A&E) but have Leland hasn’t seen Beth Chapman, the reality star reveals. Was Duane Lee Chapman fired? Did Leland Chapman quit? Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman are no longer a part of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s business, LALATE last week exclusively reported. Now Beth Chapman reveals that she hasn’t seen Leland in months; Leland claims that his exit may not be portrayed accurately on the realty show; and Duane Lee is accusing Beth of workplace problems.

What happened to Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman? The Chapman brothers at the time of tonight’s telecast have exited Dog the Bounty Hunter’s business. But Beth Chapman tells news that the exit of Duane Lee and Leland won’t be portrayed in just one or two episodes on A&E. Rather, Beth tells news that the departure of Duane Lee and Leland will play out over tonight and four more episodes.

Last week, on Wednesday’s explosive episode, A&E told fans to retweet the hashtag #dogthebountyhunter. But Leland that week was making his own comments on Twitter as well. One viewer tweeted to Leland “I really want to see the truth why you left not all the rumors going around”, Leland responded “I’m sure it won’t be all the truth they will show what they want or what they are told to show”.

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While tonight the Chapman family will be shown together as one cast, such is no longer the case, LALATE can exclusively report. Beth Chapman tells news “Well considering we have not seen Leland in months I’d say that’s about right.” Dog last week told fans that he has thought extensively about what is going to be portrayed this month on his show. “I have thought for many weeks what I was going to say to my People ( you ) about Wednesday’s show” adding “I feel like the elephant man”.

Last week, fans quickly got suggestions that Leland and Duane Lee would be leaving Dog the Bounty Hunter, either quitting or being fired. Many fans, however, wanted immediate answers from Beth. “Hi Beth, just asking if Dwayne is leaving or staying or was more trick from the shows’ producers?” Beth responded “Now why would I tell you that. Watch the show!” She also added “Over the next six weeks you will all know everything”.

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Tonight, producers do a peculiar portrayal of the turmoil. “A family brawl is threatening the business and someone’s going to pay” exclaims the A&E announcer. But will the person who “pays” aka suffers the worse damage ultimately the show? Will viewers continue to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter after this season with both Chapman brothers gone? Many viewers have vowed to turn off the show after their exit, why others have questioned if Dog will even return to do the show for another season without his sons.

Dog tonight asks Duane Lee “So why do you hate us?” Duane Lee responds “I don’t hate anybody”. Dog answers “Leland thinks you do”. Dog then adds “cuz the last thing I heard you say ‘I’m sorry, I’m going to work more in the office, we’ll figure out a pay schedule so that Beth can pay me. I’ll work. And I’m sorry.’ “

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From their Duane Lee reveals that he believes Beth is taking advantage of him. Duane Lee states “Because all of sudden you take away my pay from the office, and have me work, more and more and more and more.” He adds “It’s like I’m getting taking advantage of, you aren’t letting me give a rebuttal. You just keep talking and talking.”

Dog then tells Duane Lee is “going to … get paid” by Beth. “You are going to work at the office and get paid for it …I understand … and I understand all those rebuttals you are going to say. Arguing with you is like arguing in the mirror. ” Dog adds “You can’t argue with your kids as they get older. Because I made you. Everything I think ’bout you are going to have an answer for because I developed the thought.” Dog then accuses Duane Lee of a bad attitude and says “you need to tell Beth you love her and be nice.”

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Dog later explodes “Duane Lee is not doing his job”. Beth claims the business is being hurt allegedly by Duane Lee. “He hasn’t been to work in I don’t know how many months. He is not paying any bills”. She adds “we can’t go broke because someone is not working.” Dog adds “he is causing strife all throughout the office.” The countdown to the exit by Duane Lee and Leland continues tonight on A&E.


  1. Lorraine

    May 27, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    I agree with everyone else. I hope Leland and Duane Lee get their own show. Sorry Dog but good luck with your show. Personally speaking I think Beth is a very conceded and cares more about how she looks on T.V. I can actually see with her personality she could be a real n**** b**** to people. Your show was good in the beginning but got very Bethy after awhile. I’m sure if she was asked to have a show she would run you off to. You always speak about the importance of your family to you you but, you have changed . Remember you can get a new wife , but you can’t replace your kids ever. I remember when you and Beth got married and you found out your daughter died. You were very devastated as i wouldn’t have expected anything less from you. Maybe it was a sign NOT to get married to Beth, because now even though they haven’t died you’ve loss more of your kids. You have disappointed a lot of your fans . Dog you should reconsider the Bath issue.

  2. deb

    October 26, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Now we have Dog and Beth on the Hint and I love it but I miss Duane Lee and Tim. Beth is still a bully any Leland really is terrific. Dog is too full of himself. I think Bounty hunty is not Leland’s son calling. SORRY. BETH COVER YOUR CHEST.

  3. deb

    October 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Sorry about errors I should have proofread it.

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