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Yard Crashers Changed, What Happened to Ahmed Hassan: EXCLUSIVE

Yard Crashers Changed, What Happened to Ahmed Hassan: EXCLUSIVE

CORAL GABLES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Yard Crashers change is prompting fans to ask “what happened to Ahmed Hassan?” Ahmed Hassan is not the DIY Network host of Yard Crashers season seven. But while Ahmed Hassan, DIY, and the new host Matt Blashaw have yet to comment about the switch, fans are not pleased. Hassan is one of the most beloved personalities on DIY. Tonight news of his exit is prompting confusion and displeasure among viewers.

Ahmed Hassan’s exit from Yard Crashers is far more different than the recent exit of Sandra Rinomato from Property Virgins. Sandra Rinomato announced to fans on Facebook her decision to leave Property Virgins, to launch her new show. Sandra gave a long detailed news statement early on and has since guided fans to her new show Buy Herself debuting this April on HGTV Canada.

But for Ahmed Hassan, DIY hasn’t particularly handled the progression clearly. In recent weeks, Yard Crasher fans including LALATE have watched as Ahmed Hassan appeared nowhere in Season 7 premiere announcements. In commercials promoting the new season, the host is shown as Matt Blashaw, not Ahmed Hassan.

Tonight, the confusion got worse. Matt Muenster, host of Bath Crashers, tweeted moments ago “Congrats to my friend and fellow Crasher Matt Blashaw on his big Yard Crasher premiere coming up April 2nd! Head over to his page and give him some love.” Muenster made no mention of Ahmed.

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Immediately, Muenster’s remarks created a waterfall of comments. “No more Ahmad? …Yes, what happened to Ahmad”. One fan commented “You knew [Matt] you were opening the door for a ton of Ahmed questions…and here’s one more. Where is he?”

Muenster has yet to respond to the comments. One fan noted that the DIY commercials clearly suggested that Ahmed was gone. “However when I saw that Ahmed wasn’t on the yard crashers commercial I was heartbroken because I realized he had been replaced. I miss him and his show during the winter months.” Blashaw tells news “Hey, everyone! My episodes of “Yard Crashers” start up soon”.

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When Sandra was replaced on Property Virgins, HGTV initially kept Sandra’s images on their website’s header, even while the new Property Virgins season started. But while DIY has replaced Ahmed on their Yard Crashers show, they replaced him on their Yard Crashers website, still listing him as the host.

For now, Hassan continues to make appearances across the country. Last week, he appeared as a guest presenter as “Americas favorite landscaper” on the Today Show. He has recently made appearances on the CBS Early Show and the Nate Berkus Show as well.


  1. Andi

    March 28, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    Ahmed was a great host, my favorite, actually. He has incredible charisma and talent. Without him, Yard Crashers, will lose me as a viewer. I have no intention of watching one episide with Blashaw as host.

  2. terri

    March 29, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    He is the best. Hands down one of top hosts on DIY and HGTV. This show will probably die just like Clean House after Neicy Nash left (although HGTV did alot to kill the show). I actually emailed DIY after seeing the new TV ads with the new guy. Of course they did not respond.
    In this link he mentions he will not be back but not why. Clearly, it looks like he and DIY did not part ways on a good note.Anyway, guess that’s it for me and DIY. His was the only show I watched on DIY.

  3. sheila

    March 29, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    My husband who only watches sports TOLD me to get on the internet and FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO AHMAD! Now my husband is a manly man so much that this question is huge. DIY needs to get this man back on this show. We would watch him all day on marathons. Amhad come back to us and spin your magic. We aren’t watching until you do.

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