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Trina Braxton Husband, Gabe Solis, Cheating and Evelyn Braxton’s Wedding, Wraps BFV Finale

Trina Braxton Husband, Gabe Solis, Cheating and Evelyn Braxton's Wedding, Wraps BFV Finale

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Does Trina Braxton’s husband Gabe Solis cheating continue? Does Evelyn Braxton get married to Doc and have a wedding? Braxton Family Values Season 2 finale ends a rocky season. The season started with Tamar Braxton on a drama-binge, insulting everyone in her path. It ended with Tamar a far more likable character set to star in her own spinoff series. But tonight, WETV has left the best for last, or has it?

The Braxton Family Values Season 2 reunion telecast with Wendy Williams could be far more interesting than tonight’s telecast. Tonight’s show involves Trina Braxton performing with her band. Trina is back with the same sisterly conflict again. She feels Tamar is not supporting her, even though Tamar and all the sisters show Trina support.

Trina, outside the show, has since told news that her new single is set to drop this spring. But is she set to drop Gabe Solis as well? Since filming ended on season two, Gabe has been accused of more cheating, which he has denied. He has also told news that he is committed to the treatment he is getting to handle his problem.

Does Evelyn and Doc get married? Last week Evelyn Braxton revealed that she is not have a wedding with Doc, she is not getting married to Doc, and she’s not even dating him any longer. The bizarre exchange was delivered so broad stroke to viewers that many are still left baffled what happened to Evelyn and Doc.

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Tonight, Tamar Braxton (in real life) is already knowledge that she and Vincent Herbert are getting a spinoff series from WETV. But Tamar tells fans tonight’s that she wants to have a baby, but via a surrogate.

Tamar draws her best diva lines yet tonight. “I got a lay across a table and have eggs and get cramps? That’s not fair!” exclaims while flipping her hair left to right. “I don’t want to carry a baby, because I don’t want be fa-aat!” Vincent replies “You want to have a child?” When Tamar says yes, he jumps “Then don’t say anything else!”

Later, before the Braxton sisters appear on Dr Phil, Tamar asks Trina “Do you think everyone is going to say I have a conflict with Toni?”. Tamar she gets a “yes” answer, instantly.

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Wendy Williams definitely has a lot to cover in the reunion. Does Towanda find love with her ex? Is there really conflict with Tamar and Toni or is that just being played up for the cameras? Why did Evelyn and Doc split? And with Trina (this spring), Toni (this summer), and Tamar (this fall) all coming out with new music, is there jealously behind the scenes? If Wendy doesn’t cover it all, there is always BFV season 3.

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