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Duane Lee Chapman, Leland Chapman, Leave Dog the Bounty Hunter: EXCLUSIVE DETAILS

Duane Lee Chapman, Leland Chapman, Leave Dog the Bounty Hunter: EXCLUSIVE DETAILS

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – What happened to Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman? Duane Lee Chapman and Leland leave Dog the Bounty Hunter this March. Duane Lee Chapman admits tonight he wants to be fired and Leland Chapman fears that he is getting fired. But how Duane Lee leaves the show, and Leland exits, still remains to be seen. Yet, this week, Leland told news “I’m sure it won’t be all the truth they [producers] will show what they want or what they are told to show.”

Duane Lee has said little since his exit from the hit A&E reality show. But Leland Chapman has spoken out about his exit and his new life. Tonight, video clips about the family feud make its initially appear as though Dog is bickering with Duane Lee and Leland. Rather, it’s Beth who is angry at Duane Lee. “Duane Lee is not doing his job” fumes Beth. “I ain’t working” Duane Lee adds. “You are taking advantage of me.”

Leland is worried that he too will get fired. Leland says to Dog “you guys both hate each other” to which Leland exclaims “you want me fired, you gotta fire me.” In the end, Leland feels trapped in a feud. “You are my brother, you are my dad!”

A&E is promoting the family meltdown in epic form today with the tag #dogthebountyhunter. Their promotional statements to news read “they have gone after the toughest, most violent fugitives, but coming this March, the family goes after each other.”

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Beth tells viewers “Duane Lee doesn’t want to work.” Tonight’s episode 227 called Training Day is detailed in a news statement this week. “There is tension amongst the Dog pack. Mistakes in writing bails, miscommunication and there is talk of a family member getting fired”.

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Beth tells viewers “stress had been very bad at work lately since Duane Lee has not really been into his job lately so he is not taking care of reports… He hasn’t really been paying attention to the bonds that are being written. ” She adds “That is the trouble with working with your family because sometimes they take liberties . So today I really have to get down to the office, and dig into the paperwork. I’m just hoping I can get my work done today without big drama.”

The drama, at least as shown to viewers, starts with intern Alison who “did this terrible bond” according to Beth. Allison, allegedly under Duane Lee, wrote a $20,000 bond, the guy never co-signed for the person. Leland tells Duane Lee “I hope you got $20,000?” Leland adds “if you are fired, I’m gonna get fired too.” But soon viewers learn that the person most angry is Beth. “If you want me fired, then you have to fire me Beth” shouts Duane Lee.Beth responds “it is not a joke, Duane Lee.”

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Where is Leland now? On his new website,, he writes “The true REALITY is the fact that he feels it’s time to move on, do his own thing, and continue carving out the Legacy of Leland Chapman. He is often asked, “Why aren’t you part of the show anymore?” He responds in calm, warrior like manner with the signature Leland smile and states: ‘A family that hunts together stays together…yeah whatever’ Today, Leland operates his own Bail Bond Company on the Big Island of Hawaii.” He also heads Bounty Hunter Tactical Supply co.

Duane Lee reportedly no longer lives in Hawaii, but in Florida. In October, LALATE exclusively reported doubt as to certain cast members returning. In October, Duane Lee had deleted his Twitter account. “Yes, I deleted my Twitter page. I will keep this page” Duane Lee told fans at the time. Then on November 2 the following message was posted on Facebook “Duane Lee has left Twitter and Facebook for a break. I am taking over this page as fan page for him – Linda.”

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On January 17, Leland tweeted “You can’t trust anyone these days friends family everyone has their own agenda … Yes I no longer work on the show.” He later added “So you wanna be a bounty hunter? Leland b chapman bounty hunter training academy coming to a city near you check my website for details”.

Some fans still miss Tim’s absence from the series. Others have set up a Facebok page asking for Duane Lee and Leland to return. And some have authored YouTube tribute videos. The drama erupts tonight on A&E.


  1. Alexis H.

    January 30, 2015 at 7:20 am

    I totally agree with you Renee, Beth is a good wife, mother, and an inspiration to a lot of women (me being one of those women). Life is a learning experience and this family is not an exception, they look like they really care about each other and the people on their bonds. They genuinely seem like good people, trying to save life one person at a time. “PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES.” No one’s perfect, live and learn. Thank you Chapman family, you as individuals have inspired me to be a better person, and to live life to the fullest! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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