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Dharun Ravi Deportation Possibility Looms After Sentencing

Dharun Ravi Deportation Possibility Looms After Sentencing

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Dharun Ravi deportation, rather than prison in the U.S., grows as a possibility today. Dharun Ravi’s parents have yet to comment whether they would fight a deportation proceeding. The Ravi deportation issue, however, will turn on the type of felony conviction that immigration officials focus on.

Dharun Ravi was found guilty of multiple felonies this month. But his deportation proceeding, decided by federal immigration officials and prosecutors, will rest on how they deem those convictions.

A mere guilty conviction of a felony crime does not prompt deportation, officials tell news. Rather the analysis is far more complicated. A deportation proceeding for Ravi will turn on whether any of the convictions concerned moral turpitude, expert tells local news today.

So when would Ravi learn about deportation? That wouldn’t happen until after his sentencing in May, officials tell news. But Ravi’s attorneys have already informed news that they will appeal. An appeal could ultimately halt any deportation determine until resolution.

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Dharun Ravi is a native of India. He grew up in New Jersey after moving here as a young child. Dharun Ravi and his parents are not U.S. citizens. Ravi has a green card. So could Ravi’s convictions for bias intimidation and invasion of privacy qualify for deportation? Officials tell news that it’s not particularly clear.

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