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Zoila Chavez, Jeff Lewis’ Maid, Prompts Flipping Out Season Six Hope

Zoila Chavez, Jeff Lewis' Maid, Prompts Flipping Out Season Six Hope

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – When Zoila Chavez, Jeff Lewis’ maid, returns to Bravo tonight, it won’t be for a Flipping Out season six premiere. Rather it will be for Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, a new show by Bravo. The series is not a spinoff. But it has prompts questions of whether Flipping Out is done for Bravo, or whether a season six will ever debut with a revamped cast and concept.

Zoila Chavez with Jeff Lewis tonight is moving into one new home after another. But none of the homes are being flipping by Jeff. They are being remodeled. And while Bravo has undertaken a massive marketing push for this new series with billboards and images plastered across Los Angeles, one issue remains unanswered. Will Flipping Out ever return?

Last season’s Flipping Out was for many viewers the worse ever in the franchise’s history. A meltdown of cast member roles, an introduction of universally disliked new boyfriend personality, and a change in the show’s team prompted many to wonder the future of the series.

Last season began with questions about Jenni Pulos. Later throughout the season, Jenni Pulos asked Lewis if she was going to be fired as well. Soon viewers learned that Jeff and Jenni had gone through difficult times but came out together on top.

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But there was the firings. Trace Lehnhoff was fired. Sarah Berkman was fired. Stacey Farish of Sunshine Terrace was calling Jenni names. Gage Edward was asking for the firing of Jett Pink. Pink would eventually be saved, but later fired after filming had ended. By the end of the season, the only reaming cast was Zoila, Jenni, Jeff and Gage.

Viewers were unhappy how Gage would tell Sarah one thing and then say another thing later on. Some viewers thought the show was staged. “Is Jeff’s real life not interesting enough this season? Contrived tension and fake drama isn’t the answer. Serious credibility has been lost. Flipping Out’s viewers are not dumb, and the bottom line is that this season has been an insult.”

On other hand, Jeff’s allowing of insults by Stacey Farish against Jenni didn’t resonate well with viewers. By sitting back and laughing along with Farish in earlier episodes, Jeff isolated viewers. Only later in the season did he stop Farish and defend Jenni.

But Gage, episode by episode, continued to enrage viewers.
One viewer wrote “Gage pushed to have Sarah fired and then when she was fired, Gage walked Sarah out and said “I don’t know what just went down in there” and acted clueless. That is the definition of two faced and sneaky.”

Zoila didn’t respond well to Gage either on screen, some viewers claimed. “Gage, as Zoila pointed out, is the quiet enemy. Gage would like the employees gone so he can be involved in hiring new people that he picks, which puts him into control. Gage grinning reminds me of the rich, skinny old man on the Simpsons who was scheming and greedy.”

Tonight, viewers won’t see Gage Edwards. There won’t be an opportunity by Jeff to fire staffers. And Chaz Dean WEN girls won’t be appearing. Rather, with the exception of Ryan Brown, the show has gone back to its original cast members to embrace what worked with Flipping Out, under a new title.

But could Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis ultimately become a bigger ratings hit than Flipping Out last season? If producers embrace everything that is hilarious with Jeff, charming with Jenni, and decadently blunt with Zoila, the show could work well, very well. It premieres tonight, only on Bravo.

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