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The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson Loses in Ratings

Posted: March 14th, 2012 in Courtney Robertson, The Bachelor by LALATE

 The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson with Ben Loses in Ratings

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2012 winner Courtney Robertson won Ben’s engagement, but she didn’t engage viewers. Courtney and Ben are still together, still engaged, and hope to get married. But that news did not resonate well with viewers. Ratings were dramatically down for the season finale of The Bachelor 2012 this week. Even fellow ABC employee, Barbara Walters, couldn’t restrain herself for criticizing the cast and the finale.

The Bachelor 2012 might prove to executives how not to do this franchise, ever again. They chose a previous reality contestant who manifested one personality in one season, and another personality in this season. Viewers quickly felt betrayed.

Ben came into this season with fans liking him. He eventually hurt that viewer support. As Ben progressively sent home women who were worthy candidates for his love, and continued to advance Courtney Robertson week to week, Ben slowly isolated viewers. But isn’t that what every Bachelor does?

Soon, news magazines were dominating the supermarket checkout stands with the same headings. On them, Courtney Robertson was being turned into a villain. On tv, it was no different. But Ben liked the villain and sent her to the finale round.

Courtney Robertson Normal Pictures
Courtney Robertson Photo 1
Courtney Robertson Photo 2
Courtney Robertson Photo 3
Courtney Robertson Photo 4

When Ben chose Courtney, viewers were enraged. When they found out the two are still together, it was even worse. But don’t Bachelors every season anger fans with their decisions? How much worse was Ben’s choice with Courtney, then Jake’s decision with Vienna?
Walter voiced her own opinion, telling news “I love ABC, I’m very happily employed, [but] I think this show is such degradation to women… He’s just an ordinary guy with bad hair.”

In the end, despite what the public thinks, Ben and Courtney found true love, and yes, they were compatible. “Whether or not Courtney made mistakes with her words and attitude, however, the person she was with Ben was a good match” reacted one viewer. But were they the right match?

Courtney Robertson Pictures Set 2
Courtney Robertson Photo 5
Courtney Robertson Photo 6
Courtney Robertson Photo 7
Courtney Robertson Photo 8

“They seemed to have fun together and mesh really well. I do believe The Bachelor brought out the worst in her, but honestly, if her “worst” is saying comments like “winning” and waving roses around and being defensive and stand-offish, then I think her character flaws are pretty mild. “

Courtney Robertson Pictures Set 3
Courtney Robertson Photo 9
Courtney Robertson Photo 10
Courtney Robertson Photo 11
Courtney Robertson Photo 12

Other fans thick that Courtney evolved through the series. Many contend that the swimming episode was wrong. But some viewers, claiming to be early critics of Robertson, ultimately found her to be Ben’s best match. “That swimming absolutely didn’t have place on the national TV and it shouldn’t be shown at all!!! I agree with that. But that is what Ben likes about her, every moment with her was unexpected and it was clear that he was going to pick her.”

Courtney Robertson Pictures Set 4
Courtney Robertson Photo 13
Courtney Robertson Photo 14
Courtney Robertson Photo 14
Courtney Robertson Photo 16

So is there a future for Ben and Courtney? The two have not set a wedding date. Their broadcaster has yet to confirm if they will appear in another reality show.

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Courtney Robertson, The Bachelor

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Latest Comments:

2 Responses to 'The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson Loses in Ratings'

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  1. Dawn said,

    on March 14th, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    People were jealous of Courtney’s incredible beauty. Period. Oh, and honesty. They prefer women to ACT out the charade that they really like each other when instinctively many hate each other’s guts. So much for SISTERHOOD!

    As for doctorate candidate Emily…did it ever occur to ANYONE that she was probably the most competitive, cold-blooded contestant of all? That she was used to being the prettiest, the smartest, the hardest-working left-brained thinker in her crowd? Emily knew Courtney outclassed her as female “best in show” and she hated her with an evil malice.

  2. mountaincabingirl said,

    on March 18th, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    i suspect your knowledge of networks and tabloids is vast compared to viewers but i agree with several points made public:most viewers want to see professional women who represent the same dreams and values.this was originally a romantic format, that upheld traditions-meeting parents,an opportunity for each woman to shine in her own light and be treated respectfully when her exit came. if you choose to make it a ruse or game then you are staging a betrayal;either within yourself or towards others.we viewed the main male and female create this scenario but wondered how far it would go-too far.it degraded all U.S.women based on our norms,values and laws when public nudity was not prohibited by a U.S. woman,in front of foreign children.back in the U.S. censor bars appeared.your other contestants clearly displayed the reaction that female viewers felt.i believe an apology is too late for choosing to betray U.S.women through sexual exploitation.those world issues are prominent and the focused upon during women’s week.very poor timing.clean it up or lose viewers.when you’ve crossed the line-you lose $$.
    thank you to barbara walters-who’s class is ageless

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