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Tiger Woods Injury 2012 Updated As Left Ankle, Achilles Tendon

Tiger Woods Injury 2012 Updated As Left Ankle, Achilles Tendon

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Tiger Woods’ injury 2012 has been updated to news as a left ankle injury, soreness in the Achilles’ tendon. Tiger Woods’ injury was initially believed to his upper leg, or knee; but Woods tells news that it’s his left Achilles. The condition of the left Achilles won’t be known until testing commences today.

In a news statement Sunday, Tiger Woods disputed reports that his knee prompted him to limp, and thereafter, withdraw, during the Cadillac Championship. But Tiger did tell news that the point of problem is the left Achilles tendon. It’s the same spot that prompted Tiger’s 2011 injury at the Augusta National.

Tiger appeared fine during Sunday’s initial rounds. But approaching roughly the tenth role, Tiger began to limp, then switched shoes. Thereafter, he withdrew at the twelfth hole. Woods said the problem was tightness. He also tells news that he was fearful that continuing would worsen the injury.

“I felt tightness in my left Achilles warming up this morning, and it continued to get progressively worse,” Woods said in a news statement after withdrawing. “After hitting my tee shot at 12, I decided it was necessary to withdraw. In the past, I may have tried to continue to play, but this time, I decided to do what I thought was necessary.”

Woods will learn news today of the condition of the Achilles. He is hoping that he will be ready for his next tournament, Bay Hill.

Woods’ injury on Sunday is reportedly unrelated to his previous four left knee surgeries. Woods was out nine months for his last surgery, on his knee, after his 2008 US Open win at Torrey Pines. Woods told news Sunday that, despite reports, the rest of his body felt fine.

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