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Gretchen Rossi, Tamra Barney Battle Reports: EXCLUSIVE

Gretchen Rossi, Tamra Barney Battle Reports: EXCLUSIVE

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney this week battled off-screen, not each other, but alleged false news reports about them. Gretchen Rossi moments ago fired back at a New York Post article about her; yesterday Tamra Barney corrected Radar Online’s report about her divorce as well.

First at issue was an article published yesterday but updated today in the New York Post about Rossi. The ten paragraph article was riddled with “ridiculous statements”, claims Rossi in a news statement today. The RHOC star called the article which talked about her business, Slade Smiley, and even RHOC production details “so much b- h–key” filled with “nonsense”.

In response to the Post article entitled  ” ‘Wife’ begged for betrothal Money”, Rossi within hours responded. Gretdchen tells news “I normally don’t do this, but there is just so much b–l h–key going on in this [New York Post] article that I have to address some of the ridiculous statements. Who comes up with this non-sense anyways?”

The article claims that Gretchen “desperately tired” to get a free engagement ring from Bravo for Slade. Rossi says “I never asked Bravo to pay for an engagement ring or exotic trip… I didn’t know Slade was considering asking me to marry him until I saw him ask his Mom on the show (the same time the world saw it).”

The article then claims that Gretchen was trying to “hustle for an engagement storyline after hearing her rival had a ring”. While it’s not particularly clear what “hustle” for a storyline means, Rossi calls that claim also untrue.

“C. I didn’t even know you could try and steal away a story line from another cast member, that is just ridiculous.”

Rossi also said “The lawsuit against Slade and I has been dropped and dismissed.” The news article then claimed that Slade Smiley is Gretchen Rossi’s employee. Of course, anyone who watches the show knows that assertion to be incorrect, coming from even Slade’s own words himself. “Slade most certainly does not work for me and never has. He has only helped me with my business, as any good partner would. He has his own job working for a company in advertising and marketing.”

At the same time the Post was publishing an article about Gretchen, Radar Online was publishing one about Tamra Barney and her divorce. Radar cited a court ruling dated October 12, 2011. But Tamra responded with her own comments as well. “But by the way, that is NOT what a judge ordered. It was what we agreed on. I walked away and wanted nothing but to move on with my life. I took myself, my kids, my freedom and the family pictures……..Oh, and my website. lol”. Tamra has a new second website, with BFF Vicki Gunvalson, Wines by Wives, as well.

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