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Evelyn Braxton, Doc Wedding Prompts Braxton Family Values Tensions

Evelyn Braxton, Doc Wedding Prompts Braxton Family Values Tensions

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Evelyn Braxton and Doc wedding plans prompt Braxton Family Values tensions tonight. Evelyn Braxton and boyfriend Doc are so bothered by wedding plans being orchestrated by the Braxton sisters that the couple considers to elope. But do Evelyn and Doc even get married? Do Evelyn and Doc even have a wedding? WEtv is still hiding the suspenseful resolution of Evelyn’s storyline for the season finale.

Trina Braxton’s cheating problems with Gabe Solis (photos below) are on the back burner tonight. Rather Trina has enough problems with her mother’s wedding. Trina tells fans and news that “the next couple of days are going to be busy. We have appointments with the florist, the venue, the cake tasting. We can’t do this at the last minute. And the last month is the last minute.”

But does Evelyn really want a wedding? Soon the Braxton sisters realized that her mother might want to elope. “I don’t think she wants to deal with all the pressure of budgets and who is doing this is and who is doing that.” Trina adds “Minor details and mommy don’t get along well.”

When Evelyn confronts Doc, Doc is shocked that a wedding might not happen. “How are you doing?” asks Doc. Evelyn responds “A bit stressed… maybe we should elope?” Doc replies “E-what?”

Trina, Tamar and Towanda Braxton finally confront their mother and ask her if she really wants to get married. “Mommy has about one month left until the wedding. And it will take about that long to get the dress altered. So Mommy really needs to find a dress.” But Tamar Braxton has other ideas. “If you don’t know what you want for your wedding, does that mean you don’t really know if you want to get married?”

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Towanda says “I think she should elope.” Tamar agrees. “I think she is going to elope. I think she is afraid to tell us about it because we are more excited about a wedding than she is.” But Evelyn is more unhappy with her daughters than the wedding plans.

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When Trina asks her “it seems to me that you don’t care if you get married and it’s frustrating and it’s not fun”, Evelyn fights back “My girls are getting stressed out about this dress shopping. So hopefully when I wear this ridiculous dress I am going to wear that will relax them and we get a good laugh out of it because they are working on my last nerves!”

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