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The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson Pursues Wedding with Ben?

The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson Pursues Wedding with Ben

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2012 winner Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik will reveal their wedding plans on newsstands next week, new spoilers claim. Courtney and Ben’s wedding preparations resulted in a front page news exclusive for PEOPLE magazine, RealitySteve exclusively reported last night. The cover featuring the Bachelor 2012 winner will hit stores next week just as the Bachelor 2012’s finale airs on TV. After months of speculation and erroneous news reports, all the After the Final Rose spoilers surfaced on Reality Steve this week. For critics of Courtney and Ben, the news might come as a surprise.

First, who wins The Bachelor 2012? Recent conspiracy theories making news are totally false. The same woman previously named to win the Bachelor 2012 is the same contestant you will see next week take the final rose: Courtney Robertson.

But since December, reports have questioned if Ben and Courtney are engaged and if Ben and Courtney still together. Other news reports have tackled whether Courtney was walking Ben’s dog after taping ended, if Ben has been cheating, and if Courtney and Ben will stay together. So were any of those news reports true?

Apparently some of the news reports were correct. Life and Style Magazine and Reality Steve claimed that tensions exist between Courtney and Ben. But while Steve said the Ben and Courtney are still together, Life and Style claims that Ben wants to break up with Courtney, and Courtney wants to call off the engagement. That is false, claims Steve’s spoilers. He asserts that next week Courtney and Ben will be reunited for the After the Final Rose telecast (taped last weekend).

Courtney will appear with her engagement ring on. She and Ben will tell viewers that they are even more in “love” than during the season taping. And Ben will even reportedly re-ask Courtney to marry him during the telecast (to which she says yes).

While countless reports claimed that Ben and Courtney have split, the two are very much together. Since last week, the two have been living under one roof. Courtney Robertson will tell viewers next week that she was besides Ben when was tweeted to fans recently.

A news report by Ryan Seacrest will also be revealed as true. Seacrest previously told fans in January that Courtney has been spotted walking Ben’s dog since taping ended. Ben will dish that, too, was correct.

If you expect a fight, tensions, anger, and a breakup in the After the Final Rose telecast, it doesn’t happen. The next day after the telecast, PEOPLE magazine reportedly will hit newsstands with the couple on its front cover. Inside the issue, the two will detail their plans for a wedding. The cover and inside article were inked at least a week ago.

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And while Ben and Courtney are still together, and Ben and Courtney are still engaged, will the even make it to the altar? Critics contend that their relationship won’t last until December. But next week, Ben and Courtney will attempt to silence critics. Ben will state he hasn’t been cheating, that those women in tabloid reports weren’t as they appeared, and Courtney will state that she has loved Ben since day one. But will they love each other a year later?

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While no wedding date has been set, don’t be surprised if their plans to get married gets turned into a spinoff TV special as well. But what do fans think about all this?

Some fans think neither Ben nor Courtney have any intentions of marrying. “Ben chose Courtney because he never wanted to get married” claims one viewer. Many fans think that Ben is not after true love, and that if he was, he would have chosen the other women. “I think if Ben knows what’s best for him he will chose Lindzi. “

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But some fans feel that Courtney has been improperly portrayed as a villain. “I really like Courtney and I truly hope that Ben and she have a happy relationship. They have always been the happiest when they were together through the show. I wish them the best. Everyone else and their opinions just do not matter.” Another said the same “I’ve been on Courtney’s side since day one. That’s right, since day one. She is true blue…. She didn’t owe them girls anything. She was there for Ben. I’m glad she won. She is the only one who deserved his love because she was there for him.”

Other viewers contend that Ben wasn’t blind but knew what went on between him and Courtney, and embraced it. “She played him and he apparently enjoys being played.” But most agree the turning point of the season was the swimming scene. “From the moment that he went swimming with her I knew that he would end up with her and would be too blinded … to see anything else that any of the other girls had to offer.”

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Fans think the two deserve each other.”Personally I think they deserve each other and will be very happy together since they are both good at using others. Most men would want to know the truth about a woman especially if they were considering marrying them so good for him. Whatever comes of their relationship he deserves it all.”


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    March 14, 2012 at 10:46 am

    All I can say is UGH….Good luck with each other

    Skinny dipping was a cheap shot and trashy for prime time TV.

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