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Melissa Rivers Boyfriend Jason Zimmerman Cheating Leaves JKB in Turmoil

Melissa Rivers Boyfriend Jason Zimmerman Cheating Leaves JKB in Turmoil

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Melissa Rivers’ boyfriend Jason Zimmerman left his JKB family in turmoil because of his cheating, Joan Rivers tells news this month. Melissa Rivers discovered boyfriend Jason Zimmerman has been cheating online during their relationship. But because Jason was not just Melissa’s boyfriend but also part of the fabric of the Rivers family, Joan says the cheating revelation was exceptionally painful.

This month, Joan Knows Best on WETV continues to address the revelation, the confrontation, and the moving forward following Jason Zimmerman’s cheating. WETV cameras had to halt filming two days after the news erupted, Joan tells news. The Rivers family had to confront Zimmerman about the allegations, and determine their own response to the shocking news, before commenting about the matter, both in public and in a reality TV show.

Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers eventually started up cameras two days later, not just for WETV but also E! Entertainment and Home Shopping Network. Melisssa was working on her website Shoparatti and Joan was working on Fashion Police.

Melissa, however, told viewers that it was unreal learning about the cheating allegations through the news as the same time her co-workers were learning the news. Joan Rivers tells news that today’s life of a celebrity leaves nothing private. “It is horrific, it is horrific… I got a call from the National Enquirer…. This is the era where nothing is private.”

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Joan says that the speed by which scandal move through the news now is so swift that often families are ambushed by the revelations. “I don’t know what you are supposed to do in a situation like this but support your daughter.”

Melissa said it was especially surreal because for three years she and Jason kept their life relatively private. Now suddenly their entire relationship was headline news. “I’m finding out as everyone else…. For three years we were living together as a family…It turns out that Jason was living a different life.” Melissa says that, as she showed up to filming with Joan at E! and WETV, “everyone at work with us finding out what was happening.”

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Melissa says that Jason wasn’t just her boyfriend. Rather he was an integral part of her entire family. “Jason said we were going to have a family. He coached Cooper’s teams. We were a family.”

Melissa detailed to news that she had to tell her son about the scandal sooner than she she wished. She was worried that Cooper would learn about tabloid reports at school. So rather than wait, Melissa said she had to tell Cooper swiftly. “It is so surreal I have to make a public statement about me and Jason …. There are parts of your life that you don’t want to talk about …It’s very odd, it’s very confusing, and it’s weird.”

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She also told news “this entire house is filled with Jason’s things… and our life and our things… I have to get his stuff out of here before Cooper comes home… all this relationship was a big giant lie.”

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Melissa ultimately confronts Jason on the telephone. “The Enquirer has a series of emails… so whoever you were corresponding with sold you out … So you were trolling with a couple on Craigslist? So you destroyed our lives for attention? … All you say is I’m sorry?” She adds “obviously you never loved me… and you hurt Cooper and humiliated me. … I feel sorry for your parents.”

From Trina Braxton’s husband Gabe Solis on Braxton Family Values, to Jason Zimmerman on JKB, this month of WETV programming has been filled with painful cheating revelations.

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