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The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson Seeks Ben Flajnik Breakup?

The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson seeks Ben Flajnik Breakup

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Do Courtney and Ben stay together, is Ben Flajnik engaged to Courtney, and is Ben still with Courtney after the Final Rose? Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik will detail their shocking revelations next week to fans and news. Fans will learn who wins the Bachelor 2012. But spoilers still haven’t addressed key issues about Courtney and Ben. For the latest season, spoilers have already revealed the Bachelor 2012 winner is Courtney; but the Bachelor 2012 breakup is the real shocker still unanswered for the “After the Final Rose” telecast.

Fans by now understand that there is a difference between what airs tonight, compared to what airs on After the Final Rose. The Final Rose episode was taped last November. By December, online spoilers in Reality Steve, and later Ryan Seacrest, revealed what happened during that November taping. But the uncertainty about Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik rests, not in the last episode, but the “After the Final Rose” episode.

In the last episode, fans will learn who wins the Bachelor 2012. Yes, the winner is Courtney Robertson. Despite whatever you think about Ben, and despite however you perceive Courtney, Ben picks Courtney as the future love of his life. And the “romance” doesn’t end there. Is Ben Flajnik engaged to Courtney? In the last episode, Ben does get engaged to Courtney.

But that engagement happened last November. Since then, Courtney and Ben have not been particularly skilled in keeping the engagement a secret. But what remains in dispute, and still up in the air, are questions about the couples future. Do Courtney and Ben stay together, is Ben Flajnik still with Courtney, and did Courtney and Ben break up?

First, Courtney and Ben are still engaged, claims multiple spoilers. A series of pictures surfaced online last week, with allegations, asserting that Ben is allegedly “cheating” with multiple women while engaged with Courtney. The tabloid published pictures and allegations claiming that Ben spent the night with two different women in one week. Ben denies the cheating allegation.

Ben has issued a news statement this week calling the tabloid’s report as false. “The photo is of two friends who have known each other for years and are together in a social setting, surrounded by a group of friends. Ben did not take any girls back to his apartment alone. It was a group setting every time. Ben has never condoned cheating.”

In the carefully worded news statement, Ben doesn’t reveal if he is single (and hence free to mingle), or in a relationship (and not able to cheat). Life and Style, moreover, claims that Ben lives with two male roommates and the girls might have been visiting Ben’s roommates.

But what is on the horizon for Ben and Courtney? Life and Style has previously told news that Courtney allegedly wants Ben to breakup with her. Courtney allegedly has been unhappy with Ben since their engagement, allegedly does not believe that Ben wants to  marry her, and allegedly is anxious to move on with her life. Ben, allegedly according to Life and Style, feels the same.

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So if those spoilers are correct, what should fans expect? Based upon those spoilers, in the Final Rose fans should watch Ben and Courtney get engaged, and in the After the Final Rose, fans may watch Ben and Courtney breakup. If not, multiple spoilers claim that tensions between these two are so heightened that the wedding will absolutely never happen.

Most fans have argued that Ben has lost their support throughout the season. Is there any hope that Ben can regain viewer support? Many viewers claim that Ben’s antics with Courtney have caused them to lose to support for Ben.

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One viewer writes “I honestly thought Ben was a good guy at first. He seemed genuine and really looking for love. But if he chooses Courtney I will lose all respect for him. … Ben would have been much better with Lindzi or Kaycee B. He will learn a big lesson the hard way if he chooses Courtney. I can’t see this one going far.”

Fans are irate that Ben passed on other women this season. “He had so many good other nice woman he could’ve picked from, but instead he decides to choose Courtney?”

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Other viewers assert that, if Ben and Courtney do not breakup this month, they will later this year. “I thought Ben was a bit more discerning…I feel so sorry for both he and Courtney. I wish I were wrong, but they won’t last 6 months.”

But as one viewer asks, did Ben and Courtney pursued each other this season, not just for love, but also for fame like Jake and Vienna? “And as Jake’s season proved, choosing the most controversial contestant returns tenfold the subsequent media attention and press. Maybe these two [Ben and Courtney] are actually ‘that’ savvy?”

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In the end, Lindzi Cox will be denied Ben’s love. Does he make a mistake? And was Ben’s heart really with Lindzi and not Courtney? As one fan notes “I heard Ben say that he loved Lindzi and it was a very spontaneous remark. Maybe that’s where his heart is.”


  1. m female

    March 12, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    I cannot believe Ben picked Courtney. She only wanted to win it. She is so mean and lured Ben right in. The producers should have never picked her to be on the show. Courtney will never make anyone happy. Ben you were warned!!!!!

  2. karatgirl

    March 12, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Last year I read a spoiler before the end but was surprised to see the spoiler was wrong. I was hoping for a replay. I don’t think I heard Courtney laugh and have fun other than the “picnics” they went on. She’s not a person I would want to be with at a social event she is so antisocial and mean spirited. And Ben is just as bad! He must had too much ear wax when everyone was tryin to warn him about the “duck” that looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck, makes faces like a duck, then she must be a duck. I was very disappointed with this season of the bachelor. As for Lindzi…she deserves a lot better that then Ben, which I thought was a good candidate for the show, until he started thinking with “head” He said he was looking for someone to have adventure and fun and that certainly is not Courtney. The way I feel now, they deserve each other. i will watch the next bachelorette only because of Emily whom I believe is one of the most real people I’ve seen on this show

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