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Tamar Braxton New Song, Album 2012 Gets Vincent Herbert Touch

Tamar Braxton New Song, Album 2012 Gets Vincent Herbert Touch

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tamar Braxton’s new song and 2012 album will get Vincent Herbert’s touch. Tamar Braxton is releasing a new song in spring 2012 followed by her first album on Vincent Herbert’s label. Earlier this month, LALATE reported that Tamar Braxton is expected to release her first album in several years. Now Braxton has confirmed the news.

Tamar Braxton’s album will be released on Streamline Records, Herbert’s label established in 2007 with Interscope, LALATE previously reported. Since that report, Braxton told Wendy Williams “I am working on my album. My single’s coming out in the summer. It’s poppin.’ It really is. It’s jammin’.”

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Braxton says her new spinoff series will be taped almost exclusively in Los Angeles. “It’s going to be about me being an executive wife and the other side of me … and me being a businesswoman and me venturing out into my own business and Vince [Herbert] managing it.” LALATE previously reported that Tamar and Vincent recently sold their Encino home shown in BFV season two.

Tamar says of Vincent “It’s a lot because he’s my manager, too. So, it’s kind of hard to cut off when it’s time to kick it and when it’s time to work. I’m always thinking about it. It’s not like I’m trippin’ out.” She added “I didn’t know what is going to happen. It went from, ‘Let’s go to dinner’ to he’s in intensive care to call your family and friends,” she said.

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Yesterday, LALATE exclusively reported that Trina Braxton has already finished her debut single for a 2012 launch as well. Below is a vintage Tamar Braxton music video.

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  1. Chrissie

    March 25, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    I’m really happy for Tamar. I know she will do well.

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