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Carol Burnett, Brett Freedman Battle Joan Rivers in JKB Tonight

Carol Burnett, Brett Freedman Battle Joan Rivers in JKB Tonight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Carol Burnett, Brett Freedman, and a cheese salesman battle Joan Rivers’ antics on tonight’s episode of “Joan Knows Best”. From comedian Carol Burnett, to cosmetics vendor and makeup artist Brett Freedman, Joan Rivers infuriates all her guest stars on tonight’s WETV reality show.

Brett Freedman is the owner and creator of Vanitymark Cosmetics. But tonight, he battles an expressionless Rivers. Joan tells viewers she is so furious at Brett, but she can’t show because she has too much Botox in her face.

Vanitymark is described as “a true make-up artist’s line. Designed by a make-up artist for make-up artists and available to all. Enjoy Pretty!” Freedman in turn has worked “with some of the world’s most beautiful women.”

But the tensions turn ugly when Freedman battles Rivers. WETV describes the encounter in a news statement this week. “When Joan stands in for Melissa at an introductory meeting with a cosmetic vendor, Brett Freedman, the two almost have a full scale fight”.

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Brett tells Joan “I’m not sure where your brows were originally .. but I like that they stay right there and don’t move.” Joan fumes back. “I can’t give over … this kid. He is sitting in my daughter’s house, insulting me to my … current face. I am livid! And you would be able to see it, but I have all this new Botox.”

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  1. Jay Harrington

    March 1, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    This segment with Burnett looks and sounds fake, like they were given an outline for what to say and then ad libbed. I don’t buy Burnett’s “anger” at all. SCHMEALITY programming at its worst.

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