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TJ Lane Alleged Facebook Photos Depicted Chardon Valentine’s Day Preoccupation

TJ Lane Alleged Facebook Photos Depicted Chardon Valentine's Day Preoccupation

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – TJ Lane’s alleged Facebook account and photos revealed his Chardon High School Valentine’s Day preoccupation. TJ Lane alleged Facebook account reveals a series of pictures and posts about Valentine’s Day 2012. A Chardon High School student now claims that Lane may have been troubled over a recent split with his girlfriend.

Officials confirm that TJ Lane is the alleged suspect in today’s Chardon High shooting. One witness Nate Mueller claims that Lane may have been upset that his now ex-girlfriend was dating one his former buddies.

Mueller tells news that Lane’s ex-girlfriend was allegedly now dating Russell King. King was seated with Nick Walczak, Demetrius Hewlin and Mueller when Lane allegedly approached them at 7:30 this morning. Lane is accused by Mueller of allegedly opening fire on the boys. One of them was shot.

TJ Lane Alleged Pictures Set 1
TJ Lane Alleged Photo 1

TJ Lane Alleged Photo 2

TJ Lane Alleged Photo 3

TJ Lane Alleged Photo 4

On Lane’s alleged Facebook account, he posted a Valentine’s message on February 10. For February 14, Lane had no activity on his Facebook wall. But three days later, on February 17, Lane allegedly adds five new photos to a new Untitled Photo Album. The first photo shows Lane allegedly expressionless looking at the door.

Three of the remaining four pictures show Lane holding a stuffed Teddy Bear doll. The images, taken on February 16, ends with Lane allegedly turning the Teddy Bear toward the camera to reveal its message: “Be Mine”.

TJ Lane Alleged Pictures Set 2
TJ Lane Alleged Photo 5

TJ Lane Alleged Photo 6

TJ Lane Alleged Photo 7

TJ Lane Alleged Photo 8

TJ Lane is accused of shooting five students today. One of those victims is now dead. The fatality has not been identified to news. Reportedly, the victims were four boys and one girl. Two victims were transported to Cleveland Clinic’s Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, three were airlifted to MetroHealth Medical Center.

In October last year, Abraham Lopez of Southeast High School in Los Angeles allegedly stabbed ex-girlfriend Cindy Santana to death. The violence erupted shortly before noon while students on a lunch break. Lopez was reportedly upset about his own split from Santana as well.

Today, Lane is accused of shooting his five victims at three different locations on campus. He allegedly began shooting inside the school’s cafeteria, then taking the violence allegedly to two other locations. Lane allegedly fled the campus after a teacher pursued him. Lane later allegedly turned himself into bystanders off-campus. His Facebook account allegedly is located here.

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