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Vincent Herbert, Tamar Braxton Get New Home, Show and Possible Album

Vincent Herbert, Tamar Braxton Get New Home, Show and Possible Album

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton have gotten a new home, a new show, and possibly a new album. Vincent Herbert is hospitalized on this month’s episodes of Braxton Family Values. But since taping, Vincent Herbert has fully recuperated. He was seated next to his talent, Lady Gaga, during the recent 2012 Gammy Awards. But for Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton, there are new exciting changes at home.

A new mansion, show, and a possible 2012 album are all dominating Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton’s current year. Tamar and Vincent’s home has been seen on the current Braxton Family Values season two. But the couple just recently sold that Encino mansion.

The couple purchased the home after Lady Gaga’s career took off. The couple reportedly either took a loss on the sale of the home after commissions, or turned a small profit. They paid $2.6 million for the massive mansion in 2009, and sold it recently for a sale price (before costs) for $2.65 million.

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Tamar and Vincent are set to appear in their own spinoff series later this year. Tamar Braxton, in turn, is working on a 2012 new solo album. Tamar, on tonight’s BFV, performs at the Soul Train Awards. But it doesn’t go so well. WETV says of tonight’s episode “Tamar performs her song but afterwards feels like she didn’t do well. Later, when the sisters present, Tamar improvises her lines, so Trina doesn’t get to say her line. Over drinks, Tamar vents and Trina points out at least Tamar had a moment; she had nothing. ”

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Tamar Braxton’s album is expected to be released on Streamline Records, Herbert’s label established in 2007 with Interscope. After Streamline debuted in November that year, Interscope said of Vincent that he “[had] signed and produced pop singer JoJo under the Da Family/Blackground/Universal banner. Still in his 20s, he has remixed and produced tracks for Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child and Whitney Houston. He will continue collaborating with JoJo, who is slated to start work on her next album in January. ”

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Herbert told news at the time “People always want good music. They want something they can play and live with beyond one or two songs.” Streamline debuted with five artists, including Gaga. The initial press release about Gaga in 2007 said she was “described as Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Fergie rolled into one, this 21-year-old alternative pop singer was also named one of BMI’s most promising songwriters and performed on the Lollapalooza tour. Of Italian heritage, Lady Gaga is based in New York.”

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  1. Mya

    February 23, 2012 at 9:55 am

    i saw Tamar’s performance on Bet and it was good. i am looking forwad to seeing tonights episode and the scences that led to her performing (reherseals, etc…).

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