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The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson Splits from Ben Flajnik?

The Bachelor 2012 Winner Courtney Robertson Splits from Ben Flajnik

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins The Bachelor 2012? Spoilers claim it’s Courtney Robertson. But are Courtney and Ben still together? Spoilers now claim that Courtney and Ben have broke up, that Ben allegedly feels deceived by Courtney, while Courtney is
miffed that Ben Flajnik has allegedly acted single as ever since the finale. Tonight, the Bachelor 2012 Hometown episode airs. The series is down to four final contestants. But the eventual winner, reportedly, has already broken up with Ben since taping ended.

If you are hoping to find a romance that lasts forever in the Bachelor 2012 final episode, you allegedly won’t. Tonight’s episode begins exactly as online spoilers claimed months ago. We have four final women. Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox, Kacie Boguskie, and model Courtney Robertson are still in the competition. With her best Charlie Sheen language, Robertson has told viewers for weeks that she is “winning” and that she will win The Bachelor 2012 season.

Ryan Seacrest, RealitySteve, and even Ben’s own dog have indicated that Courtney Robertson does win The Bachelor 2012 season. Both men reported months ago that Courtney gets the final rose. Moreover, Courtney has since taping ended been spotted walking Ben’s dog.

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RealitySteve tells news that Kacie Boguskie will be eliminated in tonight’s episode. But there is a twist. RealitySteve claims that next week Kacie Boguskie will return to The Bachelor. Kacie has a purpose, and it’s not about winning this season.

As the show heads to Switzerland with three remaining females next week, Kacie Boguskie reportedly returns to warn Ben about Courtney. Kacie reportedly tells Ben not to pick Courtney. “She doesn’t come back to try and win him over or ask back on the show, but she shows up in Switzerland to let Ben know Courtney is an evil […person] that needs to drink a bottle of poison.” But does it work?

Alas, Kacie doesn’t prevail. In the season finale, Ben picks Courtney. Online spoilers claim Courtney Robertson is the Bachelor 2012 winner. They also claim she gets engaged to Ben in the season finale. This week, several news reports reveal the engagement ring.

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But don’t get confused. Life and Style Magazine claims that the engagement is already off, that both Ben and Courtney have broken up. The magazine claims that Ben realized after taping ended that Courtney wasn’t as she portrayed herself to him. Courtney reportedly lost interest in Ben after he was captured by news allegedly flirting like a single man all over New York after taping ended.

So with online spoilers claiming that Courtney Robertson is the Bachelor 2012 winner, but that the engagement is over, and that neither Ben nor Courtney having eventually found love (but have certainly found fame), fans are irate.

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Many fans have vowed that, if Courtney even survives after tonight’s show, they will not watch the last episodes. “If Ben really does pick that [woman] then he deserves whatever he gets it won’t last she is just in it for the attention and as soon as it is all over she will have to go some were else to be in the spot light.”

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Viewers are not happy with the broadcaster’s chose to include Robertson in the cast, whether she wins the season or not. “I hadn’t watched it in awhile but decided to tune in again this season. Big mistake. Never have I been disgusted and decided that this show was made up for ratings and none of it was real.” The viewer added “I can’t stand Courtney and it’s clear Ben was after what he could get and wasn’t true and he got what he deserved with her.” Many feel the rest of cast members were too good for Ben. “These ladies were too good for him.”


  1. SummerGirl

    February 28, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Haha, this is getting so ridiculous!
    WitchZ- I love your comment to my post and how much research you’ve done on Courtney… Are you by chance related to her? or perhaps you are Courney… Interesting… Haha :) Anyway, just to follow-up on your post to me…

    First off: Yes, for your information I do believe it is trashy and classless to skinny dip on national TV (especially when the guy you are doing it with is dating a dozen other women!) Haha, look, you can go skinny dipping with friends or a boyfriend if you’d like (not saying that is a crime by any means)… But NATIONAL TV is quite a bit different! Blurred or not… All the camera men saw her nakey (not to mention all of production) And she went behind all the other girls backs and slipped around in the ocean with Ben.

    Also, is it a crime to say that Courtney was not the most pleasant or respectful girl in the house?? She made so many cruel comments and “twisted the knife” (By the way–those were BEN’S EXACT WORDS in last nights episode) and he thought it was WRONG of her to be so heartless. Look–my intent is not to bash Courtney… Honestly, I think by the end of the show she started to realize how her actions impacted other girls in the house-even Ben. I mean really, I truly feel sorry for the girl. Sadly, she has learned to portray herself in a certain way to get what she wants… We all do these kinds of things (some people have more extreme behaviors/routines than others)… its called “learned behavior.” And before WitchZ goes crazy on me again (like she did on Sue earlier, asking for her “medical degree”) its simple knowledge…. But just to back myself up–Yes, I am an Educational Specialist, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis (a.k.a. Positive Behavior Support– please google it for more info). Look, all I am saying is that I am disappointed in the outcome of this season. Courtney is not exactly the girl that everyone was pulling for. Her actions were not as “classy” as the other girls and I am really tired of her touching her hair and pouting her lips.

    WitchZ, please stop bashing others because they disagree with you. We are all just positing our opinions about the show–simple as that :) You really want to know about my “dating and sexual history”… Haha… I am a happily married to my high-school-sweetheart and am extremely blessed and thankful to life the life I live :) I am confident in myself and my morals, simple as that!

    Lastly, like I said last time, I am looking forward to next season–Emily has such a great heart and she deserves happiness :) Lets move on already!!!

  2. les miserables

    August 11, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Late making comments on here- but i’ll say this about that particular show- i had missed the first episode- I started watching on the second & i saw Courtney on the balcony with Ben, she was talking to him & she was touching his hair- i immediately said <either he picks her or he will be miserable for the rest of his life. If you can't recognize chemistry then you should feel sorry for yourself. Or maybe some people won't admit there was chemistry between B&C because they wanted someone else to win- In any case i think Ben is the winner in this!!!

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