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Victoria Gotti, Growing Up Gotti Star, Gets Kelly Preston Portrayal

Victoria Gotti, Growing Up Gotti Star, Gets Kelly Preston Portrayal

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Victoria Gotti, star of Growing Up Gotti and tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice, will be portrayed by Kelly Preston in the upcoming film “Gotti”. The Victoria Gotti mansion depicted in Growing Up Gotti headed to foreclosure in 2009. One year earlier, Gotti was sued by Harpers Collins over an alleged advance on a book. But now, in an unusual twist, Kelly Preston will play Victoira in the film Gotti while Preston’s husband, John Travolta, will play Victoria’s father, John Gotti Sr.

In May 2009, the Growing Up Gotti mansion dominated news, heading to foreclosure. Victoria had been awarded the home following her divorce from Carmine Angelo. But Gotti told news that Carmine Angello took out a $850,000 mortgage secretly on the roughly $4.4 million mansion in 1997 without Victoria’s knowledge.

In 2000, Angello was arrested on felony charges of racketeering and arson. He was released roughly eight years later. While in prison, Victoria divorced Angello. He later remarried Danielle Topalian Vangar, daughter of Mourad “Moose” Topalian.

But in 2009, Victoria battled troubles with her mansion. “I was awarded full ownership of marital property . . . and all I inherited was a house with millions of dollars’ worth of debt” she told news at the time.

One year earlier, Gotti was sued by HarperCollins Publishers for being given a $70,000 advance on a book the publisher claimed that she never wrote. The publisher allegedly terminated the book deal and asked for the $70,000 back, but she allegedly didn’t sign the termination agreement or repay the money.

In 2009, Victoria spoke out about her brother’s trial. The first trial of John “Junior” Gotti ended deadlocked. “They just won’t leave him alone. They want his blood.” Judge Kevin Castel told the jury “If your deliberations do not end in a verdict, in all likelihood it would have to be tried again before another jury”.

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The Judge was wrong. Federal prosecutors never sought another trial against John Gotti Jr.

Now the Gotti family story is being made into a film. But initial news coverage of Gotti: in the Shadow of My Father was dominated by confusion about the family members. The film will star John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston. Travolta will play John Gotti Sr. but Preston will not play Travolta wife on screen, rather his daughter Victoria.

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