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Evelyn Braxton, Boyfriend Doc Engaged – Wedding Planned for BFV

Evelyn Braxton, Boyfriend Doc Engaged, Wedding Planned for BFV

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Evelyn Braxton and boyfriend Doc get engaged on tonight’s Braxton Family Values, claim reports. Evelyn Braxton has revealed her boyfriend Doc previously to viewers of season two. But on tonight’s shocking Braxton Family Values episode, Evelyn reveals to her daughters that she is dating a new man in her life. Additionally, Evelyn reportedly also reveals that she and her boyfriend Doc are engaged and planning a 2012 wedding.

Evelyn Braxton and WETV have been exceptionally good at keeping news of the engagement and wedding out of the news. Braxton Family Values, unlike other reality TV shows, is shot in a closer proximity to when it actually airs on television. The episodes airing this month were shot just last winter.

But by January, news reports surfaced that Evelyn Braxton was  engaged. Sister2Sister is evening claiming that the Evelyn Braxton wedding is this month.

But even Sister2Sister didn’t have details about the boyfriend’s name.”There’s no word yet on who the lucky man is, but it’s possible his identity may be revealed on the current season of the show.”

Braxton’s profile on WETV makes no mention of her boyfriend this season. He is also not listed in the cast biographies, even though Michael Braxton is included.

Days after the Sister2Sister magazine interview, Braxton opened up about her boyfriend in a news interview. But she again didn’t mention his name, any engagement, or wedding details.

“For one thing, he is a really nice and caring person. And I like that. He listens. He is understands. He loves my family. Along with my daughter being a superstar, and my girls are also, that doesn’t bother him. He doesn’t asks, ‘oh what is Toni doing’… and so, I’m impressed with that.”

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WeTv’s online blog previously said of Doc “The ladies are having lunch with Momma Braxton and grilling her about her new beau; his name is Doc and he just happens to be a doctor, which the girls love (can you blame them?)”.

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The website also said “Meanwhile, the sisters are not about to ease up on Evelyn about Doc. They ladies are having dinner and continuing the grilling process until she tells them that she and her man have decided to take a break. She also speaks to Toni alone and tells her she’s not ready for a serious relationship or to move in with anyone before marriage…we get it, Ev-you stick to your morals!” But tonight, that reportedly changes. Also dominating tonight’s episode is renewed tensions between Gabe Solis, his leaked scandal photos, and Trina Braxton.

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