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Are Ben and Courtney Still Together – The Bachelor 2012 Breakup Revealed

Are Ben and Courtney Still Together - The Bachelor 2012 Breakup Revealed winner spoilers

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Ben and Courtney still together? Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik are no longer together, they have broken up, and their wedding is off, even though they are still “engaged”, claims The Bachelor 2012 spoilers this week. Courtney Robertson is the Bachelor 2012 winner, claim spoilers over the last few months. But a news report published this week claims that Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik are no longer still together, that they are engaged for the show, but that the two have broken up, and that Ben and Courtney are never, ever getting married.

The Bachelor 2012 spoilers have long claimed the winner this season is Courtney Robertson. Months ago, Reality Steve and Ryan Seacrest claimed Ben Flajnik picks Courtney Robertson in the finale. The same spoilers claimed they Ben and Courtney get engaged in the finale. Reality Steve months ago claimed that Ben proposes to Courtney with a diamond ring by Neil Lane provided by the show, and that Robertson accepted.

But that was back on November 16, 2011. The finale taped on November won’t air until March 2012. So what has happened between Courtney Robertson and Ben Flaknik ever since? The two are reportedly not allowed to be seen in public together, claim reports about that show’s contract. But Courtney Robertson has been seen walking Ben’s dog since November, claims Ryan Seacrest to news.

But Seacrest’s report several months ago is now being updated by a news report from Life and Style Magazine. The magazine claims that, while Robertson may not change her status with Ben from November until the episode airs in March, the two are allegedly broken up already.

Courtney Robertson, according to Life and Style Magazine, was interested in marrying Ben. But the magazine claims that Ben, since the finale engagement episode, hasn’t been acting like he is even engaged. The magazine claims that Ben has been meeting women since taping and telling them of his interest to meet up, once the finale airs.

Life and Style claims that as recently as February 2, 2012 Ben was allegedly acting like he was single. The magazine claims “The very next night, an onlooker saw Ben and his pals swigging tequila shots during a late dinner at Ofrenda in the West Village before heading to the Jane hotel, where Ben was caught flirting with multiple women.” A witness added “He definitely still seems to be acting like a bachelor”.

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In another news article, Life and Style claims that Courtney knows that Ben is allegedly “running around New York with other girls and not calling her”. As a result, Courtney, while still engaged with Ben, is ready to call of the engagement, promptly.

In fact, the magazine claims that Ben wants out of the engagement as well. “Ben started to feel like he got played” after the finale, claims the magazine.

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In recent weeks, viewers have been irate that Ben apparently has fallen for Courtney and his antics. But since taping has ended, Ben has realized that the women on the show allegedly weren’t as “they seemed”.

Viewers are unhappy that Ben has fallen for Courtney and even more irate with the notion that Courtney possibly wins this season. But how will viewers react to news that the two have broken up? That remains to be seen.

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One viewer recently wrote “I’m very disappointed with the fact that Ben continues to keep Courtney there after what has been brought to his attention regarding her true intentions. Not sure, if I will continue to watch the show after this week.”

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Another added “who wants to be around her anyway. I hope Ben reads these messages. I agree with all of you never to watch this show again”. One wrote “I used to love the series and was hoping that there was true love out there, but watching this bachelor, it is such a [shame] and I may not ever watch again, bad choice.”


  1. simplykay

    July 30, 2012 at 11:01 am

    For the people defending Courtney, you are wasting your time- because the people who hates her doesn’t hate her because she’s mean, they just hate her because they lost- plain & simple! (Kacie B did not win- that was the whole issue). All the ladies on that show was mean! (there was a lady called Blakely on that show- did anyone talk about how mean she was- well no, because she was no threat- go figure) im glad Courtney was not nice, because nice means dumb these days!!!

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