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Marston Hefner, Claire Sinclair Dating Relationship Erupts into Arrest

Marston Hefner, Claire Sinclair Dating Relationship Erupts into Arrest

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Marston Hefner and Claire Sinclair (Playboy photos below) were dating and living together when the son of Hugh Hefner was arrested on Sunday. Marston Hefner and brother Cooper Hefner are children of Kimberley Conrad Hefner. In 2009, Marston Hefner was detailed extensively on LALATE after the Playboy heir opened up to news about dating and his view about women.

Marston Hefner told news three years ago that his impressions about women were different than those of his brother and his father. Marston said he was not going to have multiple girlfriends simultaneously like his father. To that, Cooper Hefner said he would follow his father’s ideology.

Cooper told news at the time“I can imagine doing that. I don’t think it’s an odd thing to do.” He added “You date around to try to find a connection with some girl.”

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Marston thought he had a connection with girlfriend Claire Sinclair. But on Sunday, Hefner was arrested for an alleged assault against the Playmate. Sinclair tells news that she will not press charges if Marston apologizes to her.

Claire Sinclair tells news today that she is ready forgive Marston if he apologizes. The couple had lived together in her Pasadena home. Hefner, 21, was taken into custody Sunday after Sinclair’s family called police.

They claim Hefner punched and kicked Sincalir. Sinclair, however, says that she is ready to forgive and forget. But she doesn’t deny to news that she allegedly suffered bruises and marks to her body.

Hefner is out on $20,000 bail. Prosecutors, however, may still pursue the case even without Sinclair’s cooperation. Sinclair, however, says that she has moved out, gotten a restraining order. Sinclair tells ABC news that Marston, in her opinion, needs “psychiatric help”.

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Kimberly Conrad Hefner has yet to comment to news about the matter. In 2009, Kimberley, a former Playmate herself, didn’t agree with Cooper’s idea about multiple girlfriends. “She’s all about one girlfriend at a time”.

Sinclair has appeared in multiple reality shows. She was a co-star in The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House and later appeared in Holly’s World. She won the Playmate of the Year 2011 title.

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Previously she had picked up the title of Playmate of the Month for October 2010. In recent years, Sinclair has been attached to multiple projects associated with Bettie Page, a model that Sinclair has emulated in her Playboy spreads.

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