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Vincent Herbert Hospitalized, Tamar Braxton Struggles, Tonight on BFV

Vincent Herbert Hospitalized, Tamar Braxton Struggles, Tonight on BFV

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Vincent Herbert is hospitalized tonight on Braxton Family Values (BFV). Vince Herbert was hospitalized in 2011. But until tonight, viewers never known what happened to Vincent Herbert, and how it impacted wife Tamar Braxton and the rest of the Braxton family. On Thursday night, all those details will be revealed to news and fans.

LALATE predicts that tonight’s BFV episode will be the highest rated episode ever in Braxton Family Values history. At issue is the shocking revelation that Vincent Herbert is hospitalized. Herbert serves as the show’s co-executive producer; he is Tamar’s husband; and prior to this episode’s taping, he was also Toni Braxton’s manager.

When the shocking news erupted in 2011, fans of Braxton Family Values knew the situation was serious, but didn’t know all the details. Tonight viewers will learn that Vince Herbert went into a coma. The situation was so serious that Tamar Braxton was asked by doctors to sign “a lot of papers” to determine Vincent’s critical medical procedures. Tamar eventually fired one doctor treating her doctor because she felt he was too young. In the end, Vincent made a full recovery.

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Why was Vincent Herbert hospitalized? WeTV is expected to reveal that Herbert suffered a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot on the lungs. The condition can impede one’s ability to breath.

In fall of 2011, Toni Braxton had dropped Vincent as her manager and replaced him with Baumgarten Management & Productions, Inc. In the days that followed, Vincent and Tamar confirmed that they would headline their own spinoff series for WeTv in 2012.

Herbert was set to fly to Los Angeles to appear at a news conference to promote season two of Braxton Family Values. He was also about to appear at a President Barack Obama fundraiser held by Will Smith in Los Angeles.

But just months after Serena Williams suffered pulmonary embolism, Herbert while traveling in New York suffered the same medical scare.

Tamar told JET magazine months later “It went from dinner, to a doctor, to a hospital, to he’s in a coma.” Suddenly Tamar had to make life changing decisions. “I had to sign a lot of papers. I’m happy that we were friends because when you’re going through ‘what would he do?’ you remember those conversations.” She said the two had never had a life changing event until this scare. “It was the first thing we ever had to deal with outside of the normal relationship thing.”

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Tamar is depicted on tonight’s BFV breaking down in tears. But she did have control during the scare to insure that Vincent got proper care. “At first Doogie Howser was his doctor, and I was like no. I want someone with gray hair.”

Tamar says that the TV show has made her and Vincent closer. “Let me tell you why reality TV marriages fail… Because they’re being fake, and then when they see it on TV they argue.”

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After Vincent was hospitalized, New York news claimed that WETV rushed to New York to capture all the dramatic moments. But much of what will air tonight will be highly edited for privacy. Lady GaGa and a series of major celebrities reportedly visited Vincent during his hospitalization.

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Since the scare, Vincent is doing better. He reportedly has begun exercising, buying a dog to encourage him to take walks. He is additionally watching his health as well. The episode airs tonight on WETV.

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