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Mimi Alford JFK Mistress Affair Book, Photos Prompt Million Dollar Paycheck

Mimi Alford JFK Mistress Affair Book, Photos Prompt Million Dollar Paycheck

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mimi Alford (photos below) for her JFK mistress affair book was paid over a million dollars, claims news. The Mimi Alford book didn’t just head into development this year. Rather, the first news of Mimi Alford,
aka Mimi Beardsley or Marion Fahnestock, penning a book about JFK first surfaced in 2009. Tonight, Alford grants her first TV news interview. But Alford sought to cash in her story over three years ago.

When Mimi Alford appears on NBC news tonight, viewers might think that Alford has suddenly come forward with her allegations this year about JFK. But Alford confirmed her allegations about a JFK affair to news nearly a decade before tonight’s news interview.

Since her time as a White House intern under JFK, the now-Mimi Alford has had various names. But amid that confusion of names, the New York Daily News, not NBC, was the first to get an official statement from Alford, not in 2012, but in 2003.

When sought for news confirmation if she did have an affair with JFK, Mimi Alford confirmed to the New York Daily News that she had. But yet, there is an additional twist.

Mimi Alford Pictures Set 1
Mimi Alford Photo 1
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Mimi Alford might break her silence in her own book hitting stands this week. But her affair was previously told in paperback nearly a decade earlier as well, by another author. The details of the Mimi Alford affair were first hinted about in a 2003 book “An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963? written by Robert Dallek.

Hence, with one book in 2003 previously revealing a JFK Alford affair, and Alford having previously told news in 2006 that she did have an affair with JFK, the former White House intern still was able to shop a book deal.

Mimi Alford Pictures Set 2
Mimi Alford Photo 5
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In 2009, Alford had retained Mark Reiter to ink a book publishing deal. She was also then married to Richard Alford, a former sports marketing executive.

How did Alford ink such a lucrative deal? Susan Mercandetti told news in 2009 that Mimi Alford wrote a twenty-page pitch. When Mercandetti got the pitch, she said that she was convinced the book would have to be published.

Mimi Alford Pictures Set 3
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And yet, it didn’t get published until three years later. In 2009, LALATE wrote extensively about the preparations of the Alford book to hit stands apparently that year. Susan Mercandetti gave a quote to news. Mark Reiter commented to news at the time as well about the book’s anticipation. But three years passed, and the book wasn’t released.

Susan Mercandetti had previously told news that the book is simple yet profound. Some of the choice of words used to describe the book in 2009 are a bit different than the revelations now in print. Alford claims JFK gave her amyl nitrate, or poppers, to use while they had relations. Alford writes that JFK even held the amyl nitrate under her nose.

Suggestions this week that Alford has not told anybody about the affair until this year are simply erroneous. Moreover, Dallek wrote in 2003 “Having a tryst with a 19-year-old doesn’t speak all that well of [JFK’s] judgment, but it does speak to the difference of the media in his day. The media of the 1960s was not going to reveal these personal tangles of his … life. The media today is very different.”

Alford says all the relations were consensual.  ”The fact that I was being desired by the most famous and powerful man in America only amplified my feelings to the point where resistance was out of the question. That’s why I didn’t say no to the president.”

“Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath” gets published by Random House today. Her interview will air on NBC tonight.  Alford will claim that JFK told her to engage in relations with Dave Powers while JFK watched, and that Alford agree. Alford also will claim that JFK told her to have relations with Ted Kennedy as JFK watched, but that she declined. She will also explain that the President used planes and chauffeured cars to transport her around the country. It remains unclear if those items paid by JFK personally or not.

One man not commenting on the book, ironically, is Fidel Castro. Last Friday, Castro told news about his own book hitting stands “Fidel Castro: Guerrilla of Time“. The thousand page two volume memoir didn’t ink Castro a million dollar publishing deal or a news interview. Rather he appeared on national television last Friday and read from his book, for an exhaustive six hours straight.

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