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M.I.A. Performance Reveals Benjamin Bronfman Ironic Twist

M.I.A. Performance Reveals Benjamin Bronfman Ironic Twist

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – M.I.A. and Benjamin Bronfman aka Ben Brewer (photos below) welcomed their first child roughly three years ago. Last night, M.I.A. drew controversy for her gesture during a Madonna Super Bowl Halftime performance. Ironically, Madonna’s former boss is Benjamin Bronfman’s father, Edgar Bronfman.

Edgar Bronfman Jr. had three children with Sherry Brewer, an actress, before the couple’s divorce in 1991. Edgar Bronfman Sr previously told news that he didn’t approve of the Brewer-Bronfman marriage. “I very much wanted for him to end the relationship, because I told him, all marriages are difficult enough without the added stress of totally different backgrounds”. Bronfman Sr didn’t specify want bothered him. But he added “Sherry offered to convert [to Judaism], which though well intentioned, was not the point.”

Benjamin Bronfman Pictures Set 1
Benjamin Bronfman Photo 1

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In 2004, Edgar Bronfman Jr became CEO of Warner Music. He grew the label substantially during that period with major talents like Madonna. But in 2011, the the company was sold to Access Industries for US$3.3 billion cash.

Edgar Bronfman Jr told news at the time that the sale “serves the best interests of stockholders as well as the best interests of music fans.” He also said the sale helps “our recording artists and songwriters, and the wonderful people of this company”.

Benjamin Bronfman Pictures Set 2
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Benjamin Bronfman went by the name Ben Brewer for the group The Exit. In 2009, he and MIA welcomed their first child, Edgar Arular Bronfman.

Two years ago he launched Teachers. In 2010, Bronfman and Teachers aided Kanye West’s “Monster” featuring Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Bon Iver.

MDNA is Madonna’s first album since leaving Warners. The album is the result of Madonna’s 360 deal with Live Nation Entertainment in partnership with Interscope Records. The deal is a three album contract signed in 2007.

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