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Cupid “Do It With Your Boots On” Dominates New Album

Cupid Do It With Your Boots On Dominates New Album

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Cupid with “Do It With Your Boots” is kicking up fan excitement for his new 2012 album “Feel Good Music”. Cupid with the “Cupid Shuffle” captivated a dance movement and dominated news five years ago. And while the Cupid Shuffle continues to dominate venue and radio play across the country, fans have anxiously awaited for a follow-up to the singer’s 2007 album. This time he is heading back to the dance floor with an new track that demonstrates his amazing vocal abilities. The song Do It With Your Boots is one of three tacks including Dance on the Mattress that is dominating news for the singer this month.

Cupid (Bryson Bernard) still gets radio play for the Atlantic Record release of Cupid Shuffle. The track was featured in the 2008 NFL season as three Miami Dolphins delivered the Cupid Shuffle after scoring a touchdown against the Chargers. So when Cupid returned to the studio, it was only logical that his next track would include references lyrically to his previous fame.

“Do It With Your Boots On” bids reference to the Cupid Shuffle. Moreover, a recently released music video shows the hit maker enduring even the graces of an angry man by the merely referencing the Cupid Shuffle dance moves.

This time, Cupid is moving (to the left, to the left) with a new beat. Cupid tells news that on February 1 he will debut the music video movie for the track officially, currently available on his Facebook profile. The album “Feel Good Music” will get a February 14 release, the singer tells news as well. “Dance on the Mattress” off the album has already been released to fans earlier this month.

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