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Baby Lyssa Chapman Mugshot Photo and Arrest Dominate Bounty Hunter Tonight

Baby Lyssa Chapman Mugshot Photo and Arrest Dominate dog the Bounty Hunter Tonight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – “Baby” Lyssa Chapman’s mugshot photos and arrest dominate tonight’s Dog the Bounty Hunter. Baby Lyssa’s mugshot photo, her arrest and bail, and her divorce from Brahman “Bo” Galanti all dominated news on March 16, 2011. But even then, local news reported that A&E cameras were ready to record it all for TV viewers. Tonight that footage airs in an explosive new episode on A&E. Tonight viewers will learn about Beth Chapman’s reaction on Twitter and Dog’s anger at home.

Lyssa Chapman was arrested in Hawaii in March 2011 for criminal property damage and harassment. Neighbors had called police on Lyssa, then 23, after they claimed Baby Lyssa was banging on doors and shouting while allegedly intoxicated. Police responded and arrested Lyssa on Kawaihae Street in Hawaii Kai at about 3:30 AM on March 16, 2011.

But the drama didn’t end there. Police told local news that witnesses reported Lyssa allegedly knocking in a window. Moreover, one responding officer claimed Lyssa allegedly knocked his cellphone out of his hand while he was arresting her.

From there, local news headed to the local jail to wait for the Chapmans to bail out Lyssa. Instead, they found A&E Network cameras in position filming everyone’s move.

Baby Lyssa Chapman Pictures Set 1
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 1
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In tonight’s episode, Beth is see driving in her Mercedes telling viewers “So I woke out of my sleep last night… Lyssa has gotten so drunk she is out of control.”

After Lyssa was taken in on charges of criminal property damage and harassment, allegedly no one came to pay Lyssa’s $400 bail immediately, claimed news reports at the time. Beth Chapman on her Twitter account at the time wrote “remember one thing people how don’t immediately bail their kids out of jail .. generally they know more than you do.”

Eventually, Leland Chapman is shown outside of the jail. “I am here to bail out Lyssa” he tells a jail official.

Baby Lyssa Chapman Pictures Set 2
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 5
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Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 8

Later Beth added on Twitter “Thank you everyone for your good wishes and prayers for Baby Lyssa. She is a young lady going through a very grown up divorce. She is going thru her own growing pains and is buying learning lessons for herself… life is .. But a struggle. ”

Just weeks before Lyssa’s arrest, she filed for divorce from husband Brahman “Bo” Galanti. In her divorce papers, she claimed she suffered four alleged attacks of domestic violence by Galanti.

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Tonight, Dog shows his anger in a new way “She is in trouble … I turn on TV your mugshot is there. I cannot do it, I cannot!” Lyssa cries and says “I am so ashamed.”

A&E says of tonight’s episode “There are few louder wake-up calls than coming-to in a jail cell with no idea how you got there. Add the media splashing the news of your arrest on every TV channel, and if your name is Lyssa Chapman you know you are in for a rough day.” Tonight’s “Tears for Fears” episode airs on A&E.

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